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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Six Days Of Xmas: Thunderbird Thursday

What's the word? It's Thunderbird Thursday! As we get closer to Christmas and reaching the end of our six days of bum wine Christmas celebration, you can't have a Thirsty Thursday without a bottle of "The American Classic" Thunderbird Wine!

The perfect tree topper when finished!
When you have a great concoction like THUNDER DEW on tap it's guaranteed to be a great holiday gathering. It's green and festive, so you know its perfect for the season! Pick up a bottle of the dirty bird and enjoy!

Take a bottle on the road with you!
Remember to tune in LIVE this Saturday (time TBD) to the special "A Very Bum Wine Christmas" bumcast! We will be throwing a rocking bumwinebob.com holiday party as we celebrate the Christmas season with a special Christmas Eve podcast! Grab a drink and join the party! Cheers!


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