Possessed by the Red Shoes - Kerrie Lacey

Possessed by the Red Shoes
I love shoes but like the lady in this story, I don't wear heels usually. So when I do, I feel sexier and somehow like it's a little treat to me.
Hope you enjoy this little shoe fantasy - be aware as always with Kerrie Lacey erotica, there is some strong language and sexual content. 

I saw the shoes while out shopping with a friend. They were red patent leather, had a platform and 3 inch heels. I loved them immediately and knew I had to have them!
 My friend Abbey laughed when I tried them on, saying, quite rightly that they were the furthest away I could possibly get from my usual sort of shoe. We had joked that I would walk like a duck down the aisle behind her when she insisted I was going to wear heels to make me look less of a short arse on her wedding day. In the end we compromised and I was allowed to change in to cute little pumps for the reception.
My taste in shoes had never cramped my style and I could rise to the occasion when I needed to and slip on some heels but mostly that occasion never seemed to arise in my mind, why wear heels when I could flaunt my assets, be comfy and still get what I wanted?
But was in love and had to have these shoes.
I took them home and after Abbey had gone I slipped into a t-shirt and sat looking at my shoes. I slipped them on and stood looking at myself in the mirror. My legs looked longer and I instantly felt sexier. I strutted around practicing my walk and before long I was sashaying around my flat, as if possessed, feeling sexier than I had for a while.
God I loved these shoes.
Then the feeling hit me – I needed to cum. I couldn’t explain why but I felt myself rubbing my hands over my body, feeling my curves through my t-shirt and giving in to the urge to lay on my bed, open my legs wide and begin to play with my already hard clit. I was wet and felt the cool air hit my pussy as soon as I opened my lips. I rubbed my fingers over my pussy, spreading the wetness all over, sliding my fingers inside my hole to gather more juice and smothering it all over my lips. I reached over to my drawer and found my dildo, big and faithful, it just slid right in me. I gasped as I fucked myself hard and before long I felt the familiar wave of pleasure begin to rise within my pussy and spread throughout my whole body. The resulting wet patch seemed to imply I had enjoyed myself and I kicked of the shoes and giggled.
Was it the shoes? Was I possessed? Who cared, I’d enjoyed it!
I slipped in to the shower as I was meeting the girls at a bar in town for a get together. I was already late, due to my impromptu pleasuring and so I had to get a move on to get there in time.
I slide in to my favourite black dress and decided to slip on the red shoes – well I paid an arm and a leg for them so they had to be worn. Besides which they matched the red lingerie I had chosen, the lace thong and bra that made my ample tits look even bigger. I went for nude colour stockings and so the red shoes complimented the outfit perfectly.
The bar was busy but not overcrowded, we found a booth to sit in, one where we could see the comings and goings and check out the talent – well as the girls said, even though they were married or partnered, it didn’t stop them window shopping!
I on the other hand was young, free and single and tonight I felt like I was on the prowl. Maybe it was because I hadn’t had a cock in a while; maybe it was because I had fucked myself earlier and cum like a steam train but even the biggest dildo simply couldn’t replace a cock. Or maybe it was just the shoes. I smiled at the thought and said I’d get the next round in.
To cut a long story short I spotted a rather gorgeous looking guy behind the bar and was practically drooling as I watched him, hoping he would come and serve me. As he walked towards me I could feel my pussy twitch hard.
‘What can I get you’ he said.
I just smiled and licked my lips. In my head I was saying, ‘what are you doing, I wasn’t usually so brazen?’ However my mouth and my lips were doing quite a different thing. I pouted and asked what he recommended. He smiled and said ‘well that depends on what you like?’ I shifted, feeling myself become wet, feeling my thong rub against my clit and the confidence the shoes were giving run through my body.
‘I like all sorts of things but am always happy to try something new, especially when I think I’m going to enjoy it.’
It was his turn to bit his lip and shuffle slightly, which made me exhale hard enough for it to be a gasp. ‘Maybe I can help you with that tonight then.’
Unsure if it was a question of maybe a statement, I simply said ‘yes’
 'Well we have some great beers and wines or maybe a cocktail?’ As he said cocktail he looked me straight in the eyes and I grinned. We both knew it was a loaded offer.
I spent the next hour making it look like I wasn’t watching him, although of course we both knew I was and that appeared that fact seemed reciprocal. I walked to the loo and caught his eye as I walked past the bar and was a little startled as I walked smack bang into a tall guy, knocking his drink over him as I did. I began apologising but he just laughed and said it was ok, saying maybe fate had made us collide.
I rolled my eyes as I looked up at, not the most gorgeous man but he certainly had something about him. He was wearing what looked like expensive clothes and before I knew what I was doing I was offering to make it up to him in any way I could and was handing over a business card and telling him to send me the bill for the dry cleaning. He offered his card in return and said something about being sure we could come to an arrangement. I smiled and excused myself and carried on to the loo, feeling both Mr Card Man and Mr Bar Man’s eyes following me as I strutted away.
I looked at myself in the mirror, had I gone mad? I’d just given my number to a complete stranger in a bar and although I wasn’t known as timid, I wasn’t usually wreckless. ‘Oh well’ I said to my reflection and laughed, well it was done now.
As I came out of the loo I saw Mr Barman coming the other way along the corridor. ‘Hi again’ he said, ‘was that guy OK with you?’
'He was fine' and I explained what had happened and that it was my fault and it was because my mind was elsewhere. ‘Oh’ he said ‘anything I can help with?’
Now normally I would have thought cliché alert but this time my pussy back flipped and I heard myself saying, ‘maybe.’
He said he was going outside for some air, it was his break and it was hot and I took his hand and said ‘ this way?’ His grip tightened as he said yeah and followed me. The night air was warm and I felt my nipples get hard and I knew if he didn’t protest I was going to get him to fuck me.
He leant against the wall and lit a cigarette and offered me one, ‘no thanks, I hear they’re bad for you.’
He laughed and said, ‘aren’t all the best things in life?’ I just laughed and said ‘well I’m always willing to find out.’ 
I held his gaze as I bent down in from of him, look at his groin and then up at him. Without missing a beat he said ‘be my guest’ so I did!
I ran the flat of my hand over his groin, tracing the outline of his cock as it began to grow. I unzipped him and hungrily filled my mouth with his cock, just the tip at first but it wasn’t long before I was gagging on the tip of his cock as it touched the back of my throat.
I alternated between teasing and sucking the end of his cock and feasting on the whole length while I grasped his ass hard with my hands. He groaned and took this as a sign to carry on with more of the same.
It wasn’t long before he was gasping and I felt him pull away and say ‘fuck, you’ll make me cum’ I stood up and smiled and ‘said well that’s the idea.’
He laughed and stepped forward and kissed me. It was a hard, dirty kiss and I knew I was going to get him to cum and deep inside me if. He pulled away and pushed me against the wall. I lifted one leg, resting my foot on top of a beer barrel and he slid his hands along my stockings and his fingers slid deep into my wet hole.
‘Mmmmm, well you’re ready for me to cum in you then but first I want to taste your slutty pussy.’
He smiled as the mention of me being called a slut made me tighten around his fingers. He dropped to his knees and began licking my pussy like a thirsty man. I ground my pussy in to his face and groaned with the pure pleasure of being such a slut, not knowing this man but knowing I was going to let him slide his cock into me and fill me up.
He finger fucked me hard as he licked my clit and before long I was crying out with and epic orgasm and felt my juices dripping down my legs as he slid his fingers out of me.
‘Fucking hell’ I heard him say and I laughed and just said ‘no, just fuck me.’
He didn’t need anymore of an invitation and in one smooth move he stood up and within a nanosecond his cock was deep inside me and he fucked me roughly. As he fucked me he grabbed my tits to steady himself and kept asking me if I was enjoying his cock and telling me what a slut I was. I couldn’t disagree, I was being a total dirty slut but at that moment I loved every second of it.
He banged his cock into me hard and fast, like a man scared I’d change my mind or afraid we’d get caught. I loved having this stranger inside me and began urging him on, telling him to fuck me harder and faster.
I came hard once again and this was swiftly followed by a swift injection of his crème as he buried his head in to my shoulder. We stood still both gasping until I felt his cock go limp and drop out of my dripping hole.
He pulled away from me and looked at me apologetically ‘sorry, I’m not sure what came over me, I would never usually talk to a woman like that but…’
‘Hey it’s fine, I loved it’ I said while thinking, well I wouldn’t usually act like one, so maybe I deserved it.
His cum dripped to the floor and after a while I rearranged myself and looked down at the shoes, well maybe it’s not just me they affect. I smiled.
‘Thanks for the most enjoyable break I’ve had for a long time.’
‘My pleasure’ I said, and I meant it!
He gave me his number and I took it, well he’d certainly be better than the dildo when I next needed a cock!
I walked back into the bar and as I walked past the guy I’d drench I thought, hmmmm booty call maybe, best keep the shoes on, until after I call him at least.
Did I call him? Well that’s another story.

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