Indie Wrestling Wire: Synergy Pro Wrestling makes IWTV live debut with #SPWBlackFriday - recap

Ellis Taylor vs Charles Mason (blackout match)

The only way to win this match is by knockout or tap out.  Charles Mason attacked Ellis’s knee after his match on the  last show.

The fight quickly goes to the floor, where chairs and doors are brought out by Ellis who makes a table with out of them.  He goes to the turnbuckle to try to drive Mason through it, but Mason hits a neckbreaker into the turnbuckles.

The first submission attempt of the match is by Mason, who catches a kick and puts Ellis in a leg hold working on his injured leg.  Taylor is able to kick his way out and put together some offense of his own.  Ellis hits Mason with a kick to the back of the head, styles clash and cross face, but Mason bites out of it and they exchange leg submissions.  Mason hits a  spinning DDT into a guillotine, but Ellis is able to roll out of the ring.  Mason hits a piledriver when they get back in the ring then grabs a chain and chokes Ellis with it, Ellis is able to get out of it  and whips Mason off the ropes and tosses him out of the ring onto the door that was set up earlier.

When they get back in the ring they sit down in chairs and have an old fashioned bar fight, but that comes to an end with Mason throwing  a chair at Ellis.  Ellis puts on a barb wire wrapped boot and kicks him with it, but Mason ends that with a low blow.  Mason sets up a table made of chairs in the corner and hits a tombstone through the chairs.  He then  tries to put a bag over the head of Ellis, but Ellis escapes, hits Mason with some chair shots and locks in the Rings of Saturn causing Mason to tap.

This was a very exciting match, and I did not know who was going to pull out the victory until the end.  I really like Mason’s American Psycho type gimmick and Ellis Taylor looks to be breaking out on his own.

Nerd World Order, Kip Steven and Sweek Cheeks Joey Silver vs Kit Osbourne and Anthony Gangone

This was originally supposed to be Gangone and MV Young, but MV was not able to make it to the show.  Gangone comes to the ring dressed as Krampus.

Silver and Gangone start the match, Silver is able to get in some offense, but Kit tags himself in.  Silver makes it to his corner and NWO uses some teamwork to take over.  Kit takes the advantage for his team by kicking the ropes into Kip’s nether region.  Kit and Gangone are then able to isolate Kip in their corner and double team him.  They are working surprisingly well as a team.  Kip is able to break free and make the tag after a x factor on Gangone.  Silver comes in full of energy taking the advantage.  Kit tries to pin Silver using the ropes but Gangone does not let him.  This is followed by impressive double team moves by both teams.   Kit and Gangone argue after Kit rakes the eyes of Silver.  Kit superkicks Gangone then hits a stomp on Silver and gets the win. 

 This has to be considered an upset as the NWO were undefeated in Synergy and Kit and Gangone were a new and mostly unwilling team.  We will have to see what the future holds for the PolyAm Pals and if Gangone and the Nerd World Order seek some revenge on Kit Osborne.

Whisper vs Logan Black

Black clearly has the size advantage but Whisper will try to use his speed and agility to his advantage.  Black typically works as a tag team wrestler in Apostles of Chaos with Chris Benne, so we will see if that has any effect on this rare singles match for him.

Whisper uses his mat skills to try to get the early advantage, but Black is able to shrug him off and hit some strikes.  Black catches Whisper’s pancha, and then hits a DDT on the apron.  When they get back in the ring they go back and forth, and Black gets a 2 count after a swinging neckbreaker.  The Whisper hits a twisting dive followed by a rolling cutter, a kick to the back of the head and running knee for a 2 count.  Black comes back and hits a Snowplow for a near fall.  Jason Sinclair ( a former member of AOC) comes out followed by Black’s tag team partner, Chris Benne.   Black joins the fight and attacks Sinclair.  The Whisper hits a twisting dive on all 3 on the outside.  Once they get back into the ring Whisper hits The Aftermath for the win.  Benne comes in the ring after the match and he says that he will end the issue with Sinclair tonight.

This was a really good match as it showcased both wrestlers.  I like Logan Black in the Apostles of Chaos but he has shown recently that he can have great matches on his own too.  The Whisper is one of my favorite young wrestlers.  I hope that we see more of him in Synergy as he is very exciting to watch and has some of the most innovative moves.   

KTB vs Fallah Bahh

These 2 big men crash into each other to start the match with neither one budging.   It is very even through the early parts of the match.  Fallah is able to get near falls after a big scoop slam and a huge cross body.  KTB hits a flying clothesline from the top, followed by another clothesline for a near fall.  KTB Misses the  Beastsault and Fallah takes advantage by  hitting  KTB in corner and a Samoan Drop for near fall.  KTB is able to make a comeback and pick up Fallah for a slam,  which is a huge feat for anyone.  He then hits a Beastsault for the win.  Bahh showed respect for the victorious KTB after the match.

This was a really entertaining match by two big athletic wrestlers.  Fallah Bahh has been on IMPACT and was able to really show off his athleticism in this match.  KTB continues to be impressive wherever he goes.  He has a match on AEW Dark again this week and I would not be surprised if one of the major companies grabs him up sooner rather than later.

Best of the Light Heavyweights

Anthony Gaines, Cheeseburger, Desean Pratt, KC Navaro, Matt Vertigo and 2 Hot Steve Scott

Scott is the surprise entrant making his return after over a year away from Synergy

Scott and Cheeseburger start the match.  Cheeseburger get Scott in a standing arm bar and then climbs on top of his back.  Cheeseburger then tags in Vertigo.  It appears that this is being contested under Lucha tag rules as KC comes in when Veritgo rolls out of the ring and hits 305 on Scott and a stomp for a 2 count as the speed in the match picks up.  Pratt comes in and goes back and forth with KC, he hits series of big moves and then a kick to head of KC who rolls out of the ring.  Gaines comes in and puts a head lock on Pratt and all of the other wrestlers join in resulting in a 6-way headlock in the middle of the ring.  Scott hits the Self Knees on Vertigo.  He then hits a piledriver on Gaines for the first elimination of the match. KC then hits an impressive spinning DDT on Scott for a pin.  Cheeseburger  hits palm strikes on all of the remaining opponents.  He then  gets Pratt to tap out to an armbar.  Vertigo hits the Drip Drop on Cheeseburger to eliminate him leaving Vertigo and KC as the final two combatants.  KC hits a series of kicks and a destroyer for a near fall. Vertigo then hits the Drip Drop, but KC is somehow able to kick out.   KC gets the ref distracted in the corner and hits Vertigo with 2 low blows.  He then hits a running sliced bread to pick up the win.  

This was what you would expect out of a 6-man light heavyweight match.  It was fast moving and very exciting.  The return of Steve Scott was a surprise.  KC and Vertigo were the stars of the match and I would expect both to contend for the Cruiserweight Crown in the future.

Jordan Oliver vs Ace Austin

They open the match very even with neither one able to get the advantage over the other.  After exchanging pin attempts things begin to heat up as Ace throws his mask to the floor and they exchange strikes.  Ace takes Oliver down, puts him in an armbar and uses the playing card on Oliver’s fingers.  Oliver cannot seem to take the advantage, as Ace just seems to be one step ahead of him with every move so far.  Ace dives onto  Oliver while he is hanging on the ropes and then grounds Oliver.  Oliver is able to put Ace in a Boston Crab but Ace is able to escape and  takes down Oliver with a death valley driver.  He then proceeds to focus on Oliver’s hand and arm.  Oliver takes control after hitting a double stomp to the head from the top.  He then hits a big kick to Ace’s head in the other corner driving it into the ring post.  Oliver hits the clout cutter, but Ace is able to get to the ropes.  Ace hits a leg drop on Oliver’s neck. They are still pretty even and begin exchanging big strikes, then exchange suplexes and kicks. Oliver hits a big brainbuster for a near fall.  They then continue to exchange strikes, followed by an enziguri by Oliver and spinning kick from Ace.  They chase each other around the ring and Oliver throws Ace headfirst into the turnbuckle.  Oliver goes for a clout cutter, but gets kicked in the back.  He then goes to the other corner and is able to hit the clout cutter for the win.

This was another excellent match where it was hard to tell who was going to come out the victor with Oliver finally able to overcome the more experienced Austin.

Jason Sinclair vs Chris Benne

This match was just made after the altercation that Sinclair and Benne had during Logan Black’s match earlier in the show.  The stipulation of the match is that this will be the last time that these 2 will fight each other for a year.  

Sinclair tries to use his speed to get quick strikes in but gets met with a punch in the face and a sit-down bomb.  Benne uses his power to ground Sinclair until Sinclair is able to stop  Benne on the top rope and throws him across the ring.  He then hits multiple strikes and is finally able to get him on the ground with a suplex.  Sinclair has the advantage when Logan Black comes to the ring.  Benne goes to strike Sinclair as he is distracted by Black but he  misses Sinclair and hits Black.  Sinclair gets in some offense but is met by a spear from Benne followed by choke breaker.  Benne is then able to get Sinclair in a submission and forces Sinclair to tap out.

Per the stipulation they are not able to fight each other for a year, but it appears that the rivalry between the Apostles of Chaos and Jason Sinclair is far from over.

Brandon Kirk vs Eric Corvis

The match starts out as an even brawl until Corvis hits a splash with Kirk on the bottom rope and he is able to take the advantage.  Kirk gets in some offense but Corvis retains  the advantage with a backdrop on the apron.   After some strikes from Kirk, Corvis drops him on this head and kicks him in the head, but Kirk is able to get to the ropes.  Kirk then hits a bulldog from the top rope and puts Corvis in a Gory Special followed by a suplex and running kick but Corvis is able to get to the ropes.  Corvis gets the advantage and goes to the top rope, Kirk meets him there but Corvis drops Kirk’s head into the turnbuckle and hits a frogsplash but only gets a 2 count.  Kirk  hits a German suplex and a lariat for 2 count of his own.  After an exchange of strikes while Corvis is in the ropes he is brought into the ring by his hair and after some strikes on a grounded Corvis the referee stops the match as Corvis in unconscious.

This was a hard hitting match with Kirk cementing himself as the dominate champion by knocking Corvis out and forcing the referee to stop the match.

Nicholas Kaye vs Matt Macintosh

When Kaye gets in the ring he says that the owner, Colin West, cannot run Synergy by himself he needs him.  He tries to walk out, but Colin throws him back in the ring and the referee starts the match.  Kaye tries to get in some offense but to little effect.   Macintosh hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then some big chops while Kaye is in the ropes, but Kaye crotches him on the ropes when he is coming back in the ring.  Macintosh is able to recover quickly and hits Kaye with strikes and a sack tap, but K gets the advantage back with a poke to the eye, hits a running knee in the corner and jumps on Macintosh’s back while he is on the apron.  Kaye takes a little too much time getting back in the ring as he stops at the announcer’s table on his way back and is hit by strikes by Macintosh, but comes back with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall.  Kaye  tries to hit a move out of a torture rack but Macintosh slips out and hits a one winged angel for this win.

This match told a good story and was a little more competitive then most of us thought it would be, but Macintosh still comes away the winner and hopefully this gets Kaye away from him and he is able to get back into the championship picture. 

Kasey Catal vs TJ Crawford for the Cruiserweight Crown in a street fight

Kasey begins the match by hitting  TJ with the kendo stick a few times then poses for the crowd, but is hit with a huge shot with the stick by TJ when she turns around.  TJ sets up chairs in the middle of the ring, but Kasey  is able to hit him with a suplex onto the chairs.  She then grabs her stick and begins striking TJ with it and hits a huge crucifix bomb for a near fall.  Kasey tries to hit him with a serving plate, but is kicked in the head with it.  TJ goes for a Van Terminator, but is not able to get all of it and only gets a 2 count.  TJ then tries to powerbomb Kasey, but she grabs the kendo stick and hits him with it.  TJ is able to recover and powerbombs Kasey into 2 kendo sticks that he set up in the corner.  TJ goes for a splash in the corner but crashes into a chair that he set up there.  Kasey drops him in on the apron and goes for the pin but is only able to get a 2 count.  TJ gets the advantage and brings some chairs and a door into the ring.  Kasey  hits a destroyer from the top through a door that TJ had set up.  He is barely able to get his shoulder up at 2.  They struggle with the Kendo Stick and Kasey locks in the STF with the kendo stick for the win.  Brandon Kirk comes to the ring to celebrate with his wife and two champions hold court in the ring to close the show.

This was a really good show for Synergy’s debut on IWTV.  It had a little bit of everything and was able to close out some stories that Synergy has been telling throughout the year.  It would be hard to pick a match of the show;  the hoss fight between KTB and Fallah Bahh was incredible, the match between Jordan Oliver and Ace Austin showed off 2 of the best young wrestlers, and the main event was at times very brutal and told an emotional story.  Synergy is back on IWTV on 12/12 for the Women’s GSI Tournament, which has a stacked lineup, and begins the new year on 1/2/21. 

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