Happy Halfway to St. Patrick's Day!

Tomorrow is indeed a magical day. For years now, the morons I hang out with have been celebrating the halfway point to St. Paddy's day. Yes, me, Miggsy, the Prof, Jingles, Scotty Pickles, Turk, Red, B-Cuddy (we're from Boston so it's required we all have cartoon character names) and of course Sully get together and dress in green. And get drunk. Savagely drunk. 

Why did this tradition start? Well it was really the fact that a dozen or so drunks had nothing going on one September over ten years ago and decided that this made sense. It doesn't. At all. But it's been a helluva drunken ride since it's inception. 

What are the steps to a successful halfway party? I'm glad you asked. 

1.  Guinness. Tons of Guinness. Or you can substitute with Bud Light, the Guinness of South Boston. 

2. Food. Preferably shepherds pie & a boiled dinner. Extra points if you're not the one slaving over the oven cooking this feast for a treasure trove of drunken reprobates 
(Miggsy's a sucker). 

3. Don't forget the Mad Dog. For as long as I can remember (which isn't long on this night) I've cracked open a bottle of Mad Dog and lo & behold the place turns into a hobo camp. Everyone passing a bottle around drinking the sweet sugary ambrosia. We all love it at that moment and regret it with the next mornings multi colored puke.
The chef, his sister & Mad Dog
Now go off people, have a wonderful Halfway to St. Paddys party and lemme know what shade o' green your barf is on Sunday. 

- Dan

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