Cisco Wine

Buyer beware, Cisco is NOT a wine cooler! 

Have you ever wanted to drink gasoline? Well some people might pick gasoline over this this fine beverage, also known as the "liquid crack".

 Cisco comes in a variety of different flavors and all of them taste equally terrible. I have not tried every flavor that exists, but I have had quite a few of them over the years.

From the first time I decided to try a bottle of Berry flavored Cisco, I didn't know what I was getting into. When it's 18% alcohol with a warning on the label stating "This is not a wine cooler.", that's when you know you are getting into some serious shit. Upon first taste you wonder why you hate your life so much and would want to consume a drink like this. Pass it around the room and give everyone a taste, why not? 

Berry, Green Apple, Peach, Strawberry, it doesn't matter which one you find and decide to drink, they are all a unique experience. As you can see documented in these pictures, you never want to drink Cisco alone, and always make sure you have your favorite bum wine on hand to use as a chaser. 

A winning combination!

I have tried to find the perfect combination to make Cisco somewhat tolerable and have only been successful once so far. The combination of Orange Pineapple Cisco and Pineapple soda was found to be very delicious and a real crowd pleaser. 

Warm Green Apple Cisco anyone?

While we still haven't received official word, it appears that Cisco Wine has been discontinued. Cisco will continue to live on in our hearts and memories forever!

Classic BumWineBob.Com Cisco Moments

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  1. Replies
    1. This will give u to forget everything after drinking one or two! Those were the days …Lol

  2. Damn I used to have FUN with this stuff in Ft Lauderdale FL - Im SO Disappointed to learn that its Done Forever >:(

  3. I WISH I would have Stashed some now :( Never thought the damn government would remove it >:( FJB too -while I'm at it - >:(

  4. Bad shit but hi was gonna buy some

  5. This was the bomb back in the day.... Salinas Ca

  6. I remember being forced to drink a bottle of the “Caribbean Sunset” flavor! It had to be the very worst of all the flavors made. To the manufacturers credit, you could taste the slight hint of imitation banana and pineapple with notes of rotten coconut after the overwhelming fragrance and burn of nail polish remover eventually subsided. How this product ever got to market will be a mystery worth unraveling because I can’t imagine any of the original creator’s friends’ being so cruel as to ever recommend selling it! I mean I can’t believe anyone could intentionally be that evil, right?

    1. This is the funniest comment on here 😂😂