Wild Irish Rose

Why are you so Wild, Irish Rose?

While Wild Irish Rose does not have the same energy and excitement as some other bum wines in my opinion, I have warmed up to it over the years. It took awhile for me to get my hands on the classic WIR Red until I found it in a liquor store in Atlantic City. Upon the first taste I could tell you it tastes like a cheap version of the night train express. It does go down a lot smoother than the night train express, but in my opinion I say just go all out and take a ride on the train instead.

In addition to the standard Red variety, I have also "enjoyed", Wild Irish Rose White, and Wild Irish Rose Moscato. There are a few other variations of WIR that may or may not still be in production, but if you can get your hands on them be sure to pick them up!

The one variant of Wild Irish Rose that is a crowd pleaser is the Wild Fruit with Ginseng.

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