Happy Bum Wine Saturday!

Hello friends! Bumming with Bobcat has officially been online for a week and there is no stopping us! I have to say that I am very pleased with the reception this blog has been getting, and we are going to keep the ball rolling! Hey, almost 400 hits in the first week is better than I would have thought, so I have to thank all you loyal readers for that.

Now to make life easier for all of you, you can now reach this blog at http://www.bumwinebob.com. I figured there were a lot worse things I could spend $11.00 on, and a domain name wasn't one of them. In the coming days and weeks we will be going into more detail on your favorite bum wines along with some other hot topics in the world today.

There are many bum wine related stories that I have to tell, and I want all you readers to chime in as well with various stories and incidents that might have happened to you during a night of bum wine drinking. Did you have to let some passengers off the night train express? Well let us know here!

In the meantime make sure you vote in the poll! It is a close race so far.Thunderbird is starting to make a comeback with Night Train and MD 20/20 currently tied for the lead! Keep those votes coming and tell your friends!
Now that it is even easier to get to Bumming with Bobcat at www.bumwinebob.com you guys can keep those hits coming and keep spreading the word.
What's the word? Thunderbird!

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