One Month of Bum Wine!

As of this post today, Bumming With Bobcat has been online for a month! I want to say thank you to all the fans out there that have been taking part in all the fun we are having here! The only regret I have is not enjoying any bum wine this weekend to celebrate. Well I guess at the time of this post there is still some time left in the weekend to make that we will see how that goes.

I did make sure to stock up on some bum wine for this weekends fantasy baseball draft gathering, but we never got around to enjoying any of it. I made a point of saying that I would not drink any bum wine until after the draft was over to avoid making terrible picks, but at that point everyone had enough fun for the day and headed for the door before we could break out the bum wine. This just means that I am fully stocked in case of any bum wine related emergency that may arise in the near future!

We are one week away from the start of the major league baseball season and that means that spring is upon us! We already broke out the kan jam last night after the fantasy baseball draft, so things are only going to get better from there. This summer the bum wine is going to flow freely, and everyone will have their tickets punched to take a ride on the bum wine train! Do yourself a favor and pick up some bum wine for your first BBQ of the spring. You can thank me later.

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