Bum Wine Of The Week - Cisco Orange Pineapple - 6/27/14

As a new feature here at Bumming with Bobcat, I will be spotlighting a bum wine of the week every Friday. This will be either a bum wine that you can drink straight up, or a special bum wine concoction that I have come up with. It is the perfect way to kick off your weekend! If everything goes as well as advertised, I plan to have this post coincide with a guest appearance on Cactus Matt and Maxxxwell's show on Friday nights at 8PM EST over at www.violentradio.com. That is where I will inform their listening audience of my pick for bum wine of the week. In the coming weeks I will be searching high and low to find some rare and new bum wines, along with mixing up some new bum wine concoctions for the whole world to enjoy!

Orange Pineapple Cisco!
This week I will be spotlighting Orange Pineapple Cisco. I had the pleasure of enjoying this fine flavor of Cisco just one time, as it is very hard to find. Compared to the other flavors of Cisco, this one is top shelf. After striking out time after time trying to find a flavor of Cisco that is actually enjoyable and fun to drink, we finally hit a home run!  Unlike other flavors like Peach and Green Apple that are hard to mix drinks with, Orange Pineapple can be used in a variety of different ways. We had the esteemed pleasure of mixing it with 3 liters of fine pineapple soda, but it can also mix well with your favorite brand of orange soda! The perfect combination of the two, and you can not even taste the liquid crack! After enjoying a few cups of this mixture you will be feeling pretty good and ready to party. Next time you are out slumming it, be sure to check the bottom shelf of the bum wine section to see if they have any Orange Pineapple Cisco in stock. If they do, be sure to pick up a few bottles along with some pineapple soda. From there you will have a great night! Don't just take my word for it, do it!

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