Bum Wine Bob Birthday Weekend Extravaganza!

Welcome everyone to a special edition of the week in bum wine! This week we are featuring a recap of the Bum Wine Bob birthday weekend extravaganza! It only comes once a year, or in this case, one weekend a year. This past weekend was that time!

A bottle of red, a bottle of white.
Anytime you come home and see bottles of Thunderbird and Night Train sitting on your stove, you know it's going to be a good time. Throw in a few bottles of Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist, and it's party time!

The party essentials! Just add ice!
This is the sight that needs to be seen at every party! Thunder Dew and Night Mist! Even the new concoction of Code Red Moutain Dew and Thunderbird! The name is still pending, so if you have any ideas, just leave a comment and let me know!

  Kicking off the weekend with an ice cold 40 of Budweiser? Oh word?

The Bum Wine Bob birthday gift basket!
The Bum Wine Bob birthday gift basket consisted of a 24oz Coors banquet beer, a 24oz Blk Berry Steel Reserve, a 40 of Miller High Life, and a 40 of Ballantine Ale! Oh and don't forget the framed picture of WWE legend The Undertaker! Out of the basket I drank the Coors and the 40 of Miller High life, so I still have time to enjoy the Steel Reserve and 40 of Ballantine Ale. This will be happening shortly, so don't you worry!

If drinking beer and bum wine isn't enough, every year there is some sort of event at a Bum Wine Bob birthday party. OK, so this was only the second annual party, but none the less, there is still time to improve. Last year we had the first ever bum wine taste test, which I scored a perfect 100% on, and this year we had a pinata! While the pinata was sadly not filled with bum wine, it was filled with candy, a toy doctors kit, plastic farm animals, a paint roller, condoms, mini bottles of fireball, and a plastic turtle. A great time was had by all, and only the best at a Bum Wine Bob Birthday Extravaganza!

Throwback to last years bum wine taste test!
If any of you readers are in the Boston area, Bum Wine Bob will be invading Boston and Fenway park this Saturday for the Yankees/Red Sox game! Let me know if you are in the area and we can enjoy some bum wine together!

Also, it has arrived! I will leave you with that until next week!

Until next time, keep spreading the good word! What's the word? Thunderbird!

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