The Week in Bum Wine 7/14 - 7/20

What is up bum wine fanatics! Another Monday is upon us and that means another weekend is in the books. What did you drink this weekend? Pound some 40's? Enjoy some bum wine? Maybe you still drink wine coolers? It's all good here! I'm not one to judge.

White Wild Irish Rose and Sprite!
Let me start off by saying that I told all of you I would find a concoction for White Wild Irish Rose that was enjoyable, and I did just that. I was able to mix some of the white with some Sprite and it turned out to be tasty. It's not at the level of your old reliable like Thunder Dew or Night Mist, but can get the job done if it's all you got. The bum wine consumption was limited for this weekend and will be made up for this coming weekend. I'm still on the search for some new bum wine flavors, so hopefully soon enough that will change!

I hope you all enjoyed the special guest bloggers this past week sharing their drinking ideas and stories. I'm looking to make this a more frequent thing and to be able to feature some more content on the site. I have been in talks with a few more people to help share their stories and ideas, so hopefully it works out and I will be able to bring that to all of you. I feel that with more frequent updates and posts, the better the site will become. While I personally enjoy talking about bum wine, 40's, and malt liquor, there are still many more different varieties of alcohol out in the world. I feel that you readers should be able to experience all of them and hear the stories to go along with them, both good and bad!

Stay turned for some more updates and new features here. Hopefully we will be making some big changes that you all will be able to enjoy! Until then keep on spreading the good word. What's the word? Thunderbird!

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