FruitHead Wine

Well it might not be a bum wine, but it's Fruithead Wine! 

I came across this company on kickstarter that is trying to expand their winery and launch their brand of wines. At the moment they have a few different flavors that are similar to some of our old favorites here, but are looking to branch out even more. I have not had the pleasure of trying their wines yet, but I get the feeling that when I do I will thoroughly enjoy them. That's enough about them from me, how about I let them tell you more about their wines themselves.

Our Story

Yes, that girl is our wine maker and she is a great winemaker!  We are excited to launch the new Fruithead Wine Brand.  We have been in the winery business for years and want to expand our production facility to accommodate this new brand.  We feel that once people try this wine they are going to love it and we will not be able to keep up with the demand as we are currently structured.  We are currently making only 4 flavors but, with everyone’s help, we want to expand to 8 flavors by the end of the year.

FruitHead wine starts with a very good base wine.  Merlot, Chardonnay, etc., and once the fermentation is complete we add in the natural fruit juices and flavorings.

When you receive a FruitHead tattoo as one of the rewards you can send us the picture of your tattoo in place (on you) and receive a promo code for 20% off of your first order!  You can email or post to our Instagram account.

If we hit our initial goal it will help cover the costs of moving the equipment in the new space.

If we hit our stretch goal for $25,000 that will cover the cost of the large air conditioning unit along with the insulation, electric and plumbing.  

If we hit our second stretch of $50,000 we will be able to purchase larger tanks to increase our production even more.  Sam would be so excited to have new tanks and maybe even a NEW BOTTLING MACHINE!!

We are currently selling Fruithead on our website,  but with this new facility we can ensure that production will never fall behind and we won’t disappoint our customers.

You can view their kickstarter here:

Check out and donate to their kickstarter so they can reach their goals. 

I hope that this will be the start of a good partnership between the two of us and will help expand both of our brands!


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