Cooler Bobs!

Have you ever had a problem finding the right beverage when reaching into a dark cooler? Do you keep grabbing the wrong bottle each time because of improper lighting? Well thanks to my new friend Andy, he hopes to solve that problem so that it never happens again! Don't take my word for it, hear it from the main man himself!

Cooler Bobs!

We have created a light that will fit in any cooler. We call them Cooler Bobs! They are modeled after the classic fishing bobber, however with a cool twist. They have two LED's, one of which lights the contents within your cooler and the other lights the housing. The purpose is to help eliminate the need to fish your hand through the cold ice at night. You readers can order now on KickStarter!
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You can view the entire KickStarter here and check out their website at!


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