Italian Tango Gelato: Alcoholic Gelato!

Italian Tango Gelato offers an innovation in the field of ice cream: ice cream alcoholic! The gelato as well as is familiar to you but with a flavour and alcohol level as well as drink. This exciting news will arrive anywhere in the world!

 Some important concepts: alcohol crystallizes around -40° degrees, the water crystallizes at 0°, then there are the sugars that are further down the crystallization point. That's why it is so difficult to balance and hold together the ingredients of an alcoholic gelato. My name is Katiuscia Tango and I am specialized in alcoholic gelato. Any beer, wine or liquor you love I can convert it into delicious gelato.

 To begin with I'll start my own business in Brisbane, Australia. With the help of the system Crowdfunding I opened a campaign for those interested in donating even just $ 1. Each support, little help will be greatly appreciated. Also comments are welcome. 

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