The College Football Guys - The Ultimate Tailgate

Are you a fan of college football? Spend every Saturday rooting for your favorite team? The @TheCFBGuys are looking to create their own personal game day experience! Don't take my word for it, hear it directly from them!

Four friends who love football and who all went to small Universities with no football teams. We are setting out to find our team.

Hi, my name is Jeremy and these are my friends, Kyle, Marty, and Justin (He’s the single one!) and we are, TheCFBguys.

Here’s the deal…All four of us went to small Universities that didn’t have football teams and had a total enrollment of under 3000 students, combined. We grew up with team affiliations that were strictly based on region and family.

One day, we decided to go on a, “Guys” trip to a football game in the South…and boy was our perspective flipped. Everything we knew about football suddenly changed. After the trip we realized that we weren’t talking about the game, a missed tackle, or a blown call on the field at all. We were telling our friends and family about the relationships and all of the experiences that happened before and after the game.
We decided then and there that we were going to make this a regular thing.

Our goal when we visit a campus is to experience game day like a true student/fan would. We become a fan of where we are…we believe that this is the only way to have that genuine experience.

We have been to some amazing places and met some amazing people like, Jordan in Knoxville, Brad in Auburn, Paige and Norma in Oxford to name a few. The common thread between these people is that they took us in as one of their own and completely changed our perspective on the game day experience.

So why are we on Kickstarter?? We are four regular guys with regular jobs and we want to share our experiences with as many people as possible. Our ultimate dream would be to have some sort of documentary or reality show that accurately depicts our experiences in the places we go and that’s where you come in. We are planning on going to the Auburn @ Ole Miss game on Nov. 1st and bringing along a videographer so that we can document what game day is like at The Grove.  We need to be able to fund this in order to make it happen. Please donate now so that you can be a part of this amazing experience. Thank you so much!

You can view their kickstarter project here.

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