NFL Week 11 Picks!

What's the word? It's Thunderbird Thursday! I hope all of you are enjoying some fine Thunderbird wine or at least some delicious Thunder Dew (which is still the current bum wine concoction of the month that can be found here) tonight.

Also, did you hear the news? Bum Wine Bob was named the IWS Person of the Week by IWS Radio! If you missed my induction or missed my guest appearance on IWS Radio this past Sunday afternoon you can find it in it's entirety here!

Celebrate Thunderbird Thursday in style!
On to the NFL picks for week 11! I went 7-0 on my picks last week, so I hope to keep that trend going this week and make my way to the top of the leader board once again!

Bob's Week 11 Picks

Cleveland over Houston

New Orleans over Cincinnati

Denver over St. Louis

San Diego over Oakland

Green Bay over Philadelphia

Indianapolis over New England

Pittsburgh over Tennessee

Season record: 40-23
(Week 1 games were not picked.)

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