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Welcome to the new and improved! I hope you all have finally recovered from your New Years hangovers of last week, and are enjoying the new layout and content that can be found on for the new year. Things have been quiet since the beginning of the year, but I have been hard at work coming up with new ideas and features to bring to you on the site.

The 2014 Year in Bum Wine Review post was a huge success and is currently the second highest rated post on the site right below the "bling "bling" MD 20/20 Blue Raspberry BWOTW feature! At this time I would like to take a moment at this time to thank all of you loyal readers out there for helping spread the word this past holiday season! Thank you all!

Kapn Krude loves the liquid crack!
Many of you have seen the first guest post of the new year, being "The Krude Experience". Hopefully this is the start of a regular feature, as we would all love to hear more stories involving Kapn Krude and his bum wine adventures! As of this moment I am still currently in talks with a few more people to get their special spotlights featured on the site as well.

We want MORE!
With the turn of the calendar to the new year, we are going to be expanding into different avenues of alcohol as well. If you can open a liquor store called "Beer, Wine, and MORE" and that more does NOT involve bum wine (I'm talking about you, my friends in Massachusetts), then we can have "Bum Wine, Beers, 40's, Malt Liquor, and MORE" featured on

The flavors of Fruithead Wine!
Some of you might remember by featured post on the Fruithead Wine company and their Kickstarter over the summer. Sadly, they did not reach their funding goal, but are still continuing to make their wines. I have been in talks with Dave over at Fruithead Wine, who should be sending me a few bottles of their wine to try within the next couple of weeks. Once I give them a try, I will be sure to post a full review for all of you!

Is there anything that YOU would like to see featured on in 2015? What's your favorite type of alcohol? We have featured Bum Wine, Beers, 40's, Malt Liquor...and now MORE? What would YOU like to see MORE of? Are you the boxed wine type? Cheap wine? Cheap beers? Cheap liquor? If you have a favorite and would like to make your own special guest featured post, let me know!

Happy New Year from @tareets and @johnsonsfinest on Instagram!
What are you drinking? If you are posting your beverage of choice to either Twitter or Instagram, tag me @bumwinebob in the post! Let the whole bum wine community see what you are enjoying tonight!

It's 2015. The train is now boarding. I DO NOT want to see you left behind as we leave the station! I have your tickets punched and will be happy to have you board the train and join the team! I feel like this would be a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys drinking and alcohol to join the team. This blog has always been about the people and giving them what they want, so now is the prefect time for you to hop on the train and speak your mind!

Within the next couple of weeks I will have some more information for all of you on the first annual "Bummy Awards", along with the debut of the first ever Bumming with Bobcat Podcast! Make sure you all stay tuned for those announcements!

Until next time, what's the word? Thunderbird!

p.s. don't forget to check out the t-shirts and if interested give me your shirt size!

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