One Week Until We Go LIVE On 2/1/15!

Good morning fellow bum wine connoisseurs! Are you sad that there is no real football on TV today? (the pro bowl doesn't count) Don't worry because we still have the Royal Rumble LIVE on the WWE Network tonight, and next week is the Super Bowl! You know what that also means? This means that next Sunday is the official LIVE debut of the Bumming with Bobcat Podcast! We will be going live next Sunday 2/1/15 at 11AM EST, so make sure to mark it down on your calendars. Even if you had a rough Saturday night and don't feel like getting out of bed, the BWB Podcast has been called by some experts as "the cure for the common hangover"!

Time to stock up on the bottom shelf essentials!
What's to be expected on the debut show? We will be getting you ready for Super Bowl Sunday with some last minute party ideas, as well as talking all the usual bum wine, beers, 40's, malt liquor, and MORE! The official debut show link and description will be coming to you all in the next few days, so be sure to keep your eyes open for it!

Do YOU want to be a part of the show? Have some drinking stories or drink recommendations? Want to just call in and chat? Send me a message and I will make sure that you are part of the show!

We are currently in the process of working up some ideas for some contests that will be great publicity for yourself and our listeners to help with promotion. You will be hearing more about these in the next couple weeks once we get the final details sorted out.

Until next time, what's the word? Thunderbird!

Listen to "BWB Podcast Pilot Episode" on Spreaker.

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