The BWB Liquor Store Adventures Podcast!

Did you miss today's installment of the Bumming with Bobcat Podcast? We discussed what you might have missed during our week off, along with the special guest blog posts of the week. The topic of the day was Liquor Store Adventures, and we had some good stories to tell. Bum Wine Bob kicked off the show with a few stories of his own, and then the one and only @RealCactusMatt called into the show to discuss some of his own liquor store adventures!

MD 20/20 and Cisco were the hot topics of the day. Cactus Matt also discussed some of his favorite bum wines, and also gave some of his own bum wine concoction recommendations! When you thought things couldn't get any better, we got a phone call from "Bob in Jersey" who discussed a variety of topics including everything under the sun, and pretty much just life in general.

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You can listen to the show below, or click here for a direct link to the show. We did not get to cover all the topics of the day due to time constraints, but we will be back next Sunday, 2/22/15 for a special 1 year anniversary show! Stay turned to the blog and to the twitter machine this week for more information on the celebration podcast! Cheers!

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