The Krude Experience - 3/31/15

Yes to Booker Noe

2011. Nashville,TN. My favorite (now defunct) band Ween is playing a gig here and Krude (with former gf in tow) have flown in for the occasion. Some Boognish,Graceland and a haunted honky-tonk in Kentucky round out this adventure. Lord have mercy on our wicked souls. 4 days of dark weirdness,booze,sex,and southern accents in three different cities. 

After arriving in Nashville,we had about 3 hours to kill before the mighty Ween would take the stage. Me and large breasted former gf found a bar and grill nearby to our hotel. Time to eat and drink and warm up for the evening festivities. We sat at the bar and ordered some bbq ribs. The bartender brought our food a few minutes later. As soon as he dropped my plate of chow in front of me,he notices the Motorhead t-shirt that I'm wearing. 'Dude,you into Motorhead?'. 'Fuck yeah'. 'Hey man,I roadied for Lemmy a few years back. Good people. Let me buy you guys a shot'. 'Cool'. 

Very cool,as it would turn out.

The bartender pours out 3 shots of what looked like normal whiskey. We all toast each other,and drink. 

Then the fireworks began!

As soon as the booze hit the back of my throat,i knew I had discovered a new love. My gf looked as though she was going to heave. And the bartender was smiling wide. 'What was that shit?'. I ask. 'Bookers Bourbon,good stuff eh?'. 

Good stuff indeed. Bookers Bourbon.

It turned out to a 130 proof batch of Bookers. I felt a solid buzz building inside of me. My gf ordered a ginger ale to quell her firepit tummy. I ordered another shot of Bookers,and one for the bartender. We toast and drink. Then I ask about the booze,since I've never heard of it.

Bookers was created by the late Booker Noe,grandson to Jim Beam and made in small batches. It runs about $65 a bottle on average. It is said that drinking enough Bookers Bourbon in one sitting could cause Absinthe-esque mind bending.

Believe it. 

I'm a fan for life. I carry a hip flask full of Bookers when I travel,in case I can't find it. 

Ween played a great set that night for a full house.After,we ended up drinking all night while roaming around the streets of Nashville. 

Next thing I remember is the 9am wake up call from the hotel. I was still buzzed and had a 5 hour drive to Wilder,Kentucky facing me. 

Bobby Mackey's. Wilder,KY

Legendary for its country music roots and evil paranormal activity. 


What have I gotten myself into? 

Super strong bourbon and a haunted roadhouse. With a mechanical bull. And spaghetti chili on the bar menu.   
Took the haunted basement tour at Mackey's. Drank Jack Daniels on the rocks out of a Dixie cup. Saw weird orbs floating over Bobby Mackey when he was singing. 

Truth is stranger than fiction. 

Johanna says so.

I end up leaving a $6.66 tip for the hotel maid in Wilder the next morning. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Graceland is our next stop on this adventure. Elvis had personally invited us over. Or so I think...that's another story. Stay tuned.



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