The Krude Experience - 3/9/15

Bands/tunes to live by in a Bum Wine world!

Your (semi) esteemed blog host Krude has seen at least 1000 rock gigs in all my time (Liberace included,no laughing). I own tons of cd's,tapes,vinyl,Mp3 and musical equipment. Add those numbers to my passion for cheap booze,and you get this list. There was no formula created to form this list. It's just bands and  tunes to live by in a Bum Wine world. Let's do it:

The Dogs D'Amour - an English rock band formed in the 1980's that still record and perform to this date. Roughly half their songs are about drinking booze and being loaded. Sample titles by the Dogs: Drunk Like Me, Ballad of Jack,Heartbreak Wine etc...

Song that directly references bum wine : She Thinks To Much Of Me. Thunderbird gets the nod in this track.
The Dogs D'Amour: Krude's idea of classic rock.

Nashville Pussy -America's finest rock band. Hands down. A greasy amalgam of southern rock,blues,punk rock,and country. 2 chicks and 2 dicks make up this band. Been doing their thing since the late 1990's. Tunes about sex,drugs,booze,and more sex,drugs,and booze.

Pussy Time,She Got The Drugs, Keep On Fucking, Up The Dosage - many,many more. Can't go wrong with the Pussy. And dont be a tool and stand in front of hot guitarist Ruyter Suys with your cell phone camera during their gigs.

Ween- Krude saw this band 68 times during their excellent career. Ween broke up in 2012 and my world hasn't been the same.Ween gets my vote as the best band to get fucked up to. Their gigs often contained 30+ songs of varying musical styles. They could do it all. And well.

Booze Me Up And Get Me High, The Blarney Stone, Zoloft, Happy Colored Marbles.... and the list could go on forever. Man,I miss this band.

Honorable Mention: 

2Pac: no other person on the planet did more for the promotion of Hennessy cognac than the late,great 2Pac. He dropped the Hennessy name in practically every other song he wrote. Good job Pac. RIP

Merle Haggard:   no need to explain this entry. Ol' Hag has been been singing the virtues of drinking for more years than I've been alive. A true American living legend.

Country Dick Montana: Country Dick Montana died while playing drums for the Beat Farmers during a 1995 concert.Bummer. But his legend lives on. It is said that he could drink beer using his feet. He also name dropped MD 2020 on his track King Of The Hobos. RIP CDM. You are missed.

ZZ Top: forget all that synthesizer shit they made in the 80's. The Texas trio was a down and dirty blues rock trio that opened their 1975 Fandango album with a track called Thunderbird. Songs about whore houses,booze and ass are their trademark. Still rocking to this day.

To be continued.....

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