Best Places To Drink MD 20/20?

Howdy all my name's Dan Moore and I write about movies, booze & bars on I found Bum Wine Bob on the Twitter machine and here's a little something I wrote for his enjoyably boozy site, hope you enjoy.

There are many appropriate and inappropriate places to drink down a bottle or six of Mad Dog. Hell, I’ve drank them all over this beautiful country. But in my experience, there are certain places that are better to consume Mad Dog than others. So here we go with a few spots I find to be the best to buy a few bottles and take em right to your liver.

Sporting Venue
A no brainer. With the insane and always increasing prices of alcohol at stadiums around the globe, sneaking in a bottle of MD 20/20 is as common sense as buying a foam finger to hide it in. As a bonus, you can match up your booze choice with the color of your team. A delicious bottle of Dragon Fruit for the Red Sox? DON’T MIND IF I DO! (sorry for Yankee fans…what would pinstripes taste like?).

Job Interview
Need to take an edge off before your morning meet up with your potential new boss? Grab a bottle of Orange Jubilee for a bit o’ breakfast pleasure. It’ll help you feel looser and answer those tough questions more honestly (“my major weakness? I’m not drunk enough”). And once you do nail that job down, you can celebrate with your supervisor and a delicious sugary boozy beverage! It’s a win-win

This one’s pretty obvious. You’re drowning in grief so drown yourself even more in a delicious fluorescent wine. I would recommend this for a funeral of a person you dislike, however. Get a bottle & a half in ya and then tell Uncle Joe what you really think about his cheap, miserly ways. What a prick. All I wanted was a bike, Joe…JUST A BIKE!!!!

Road Trip
Actually…don’t do this one.

The Bar
Yea, why the hell not? Save yourself a few bucks and suck down some green dreamy drinks while pretending to be a paying customer the whole time. You’re very close to being a bum at this point. In fact, it leads nicely into…

The Alley
There’s a reason it’s called bum wine. The bums drink it. And where is the bum palace? The alley ways of Anytown, USA. Drink down a coupla bottles with Hobo Jack, Stinky Pete and the boys. Become a member of their hall of fame by showering in the gutter like they do. And make friends for life by selling your shoes for some illegal drugs. There’s no closer friends than homeless friends (mainly because to stay warm at night, you need to stay real close to each other on those subway vents).

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