The Krude Experience - 5/18/15

Music For The Road

Krude is a music freak
Krude needs music for every occasion
Krude likes all kinds of music
Krude likes speaking in the third person

Enough of my nonsense. Here's a list of 10 Krude approved albums to listen to in the car when traveling. Perfect for holiday getaway drives (Memorial,4th of July,and Labor day) and general cruising. IROC not included. In no particular order of preference:

 The Cult - Electric

Rick Rubin produced this album and turned a half-assed goth rock band into AC/DC. Great guitar tunes and ballsy vocals.

Roger Alan Wade - Stoned Traveler

Roger is one heck of a songwriter. Forget the Jackass relation,this guy is the real deal. Just him singing with his Dobro twanging. An all time American classic album.

Ministry- Psalm 69

Jesus Built My Hot Rod. It's a love affair. This album just rips skulls from start to finish. Uncle Al Jourgensen has yet to top it.

The Quireboys- Halfpenny Dancer

An English good time rock band strips down its sound to the bare essentials. Spike's raspy vocals are perfect on this album. For a more mellow mood

 Elvis Presley- Promised Land

The title track alone played 16 times in a row will still sound great on a road trip. Except,this album contains a lot of Stax recorded Elvis gems.

Superfly soundtrack

Curtis Mayfield created the finest movie soundtrack of all time (sorry Bee Gees). This is the music I listen to when I drive to Atlantic City.

Moistboyz-  4

I could choose any of the Moistboyz five albums. But this one is perfect for driving. It has a hyper,second wind,somebodys' gaining on you vibe to it. Roaring guitars and no nonsense vocals.

 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Hit and Run Holiday

The cover of the album says it all. Cars,girls,pills. It's a another weird trip with the Thrill Kill Kult. Hard to describe music. Just a fun,sleazy ride

 Prince - The Hits 2

The three disc set this disc comes from is totally great.But disc 2 has a Dirty Mind wearing a Raspberry Beret while driving a Little Red Corvette in a Purple Rain.

Gram Parsons- GP/Grievous Angel

My favorite 2 albums on one cd,cd.Another mellow mood album. But if you know Gram's state of mind when he made these albums,the songs mean that much more

Road trips were made for good tunes and beef jerky burps. Enjoy the ride :)



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