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Good afternoon my fellow Americans.

You may not know me, but I need your help! You see, my name is Matt Milde, @mattmilde4president(Instagram) @mattmilde(twitterbox) #mattmilde4president, and I'm tired of this America! Don't get me wrong, no one loves America more than I do, maybe Hulk Hogan, he was a real American. But as much as I love America, we can do better. And YOU know it. This is not the America of 20 years ago, which was pretty good, and it's certainly not the America Jesus, or whoever you worship wanted for us.

Aren't you tired of repeating yourself 3 times when asking for $15, regular, cash while simply trying to get gas ??? "$15 regular, cash please" then wait for that confused look, "$50?" ... "No sir, $15", and another confused look ... "1, 5 ... "yesssss, regular!!"

This country is too great for that sort of stuff. This county was built on real American fuel ... That's right, Bum Wine. Don't you recall that picture of the iron workers sitting high above the city on an iron beam? Well what do you think we're in all those brown paper bags ? Turkey and Swiss on rye? Na ... Shit was Mad Dog 10/10, yea that's right it was only half as strong back then. Those guys risked there lives for 3$ an hour 60 feet above the street, no safety net, drunk on mad dog, or back then when people weren't such pussies they had to drink straight ammonia and paint thinner to get messed up. Those fine upstanding Americans made buildings that are still standing tall today. And now ... I have to check my bag at Wendy's to make sure the heavy set fella with the one eye, put my straw in the bag??? Cmon people lets raise our standards here. I can't take another soda without a straw. Not gunna do it. I'm not rich, I don't have extra straws at my house what is this lifestyles of the rich and famous ??!!! If someone orders a soda the straw should be the first thing in the bag. #endofstory

So your asking yourself, do I have straws at home? Well now you are. But I can tell, your also asking ... Where's he going with all this. And if you people will allow me, this is where I need your help.

So ok, in order to get America back into shape, we need a real leader. And I mean, a REAL leader. And in my 32 years of existence, I haven't seen anyone else step up, so ... I will. But I need your support. Now, 2016 is going to be a loss. But that's ok, because the 2020 election is the one we need to focus on. #1 I can't run for president till I'm 35 anyway. But more importantly #2 If the person who I think might get elected, gets elected, and I'm not going to name names because that's not what Matt Milde does, but I think she's going to fuck up America even worse. So the 2020 election is going to be the most important one to date.

Ok so how can you help. Simple.
1. Follow bum wine bobs podcast and ask bum wine bob to put Matt Milde on the podcast.
2. Like this blog and make it #1 on the bum wine site.
3. follow:
@mattmilde(twitterbox) #mattmilde4president
4. send me money (ok that's asking a lot for just one blog) ok so just stick with options 1-3

And tell your friends about Bum Wine Bob and Matt Milde ... They need to know! Spread the good word!!


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