Wine Of The Week - "Knock On Wood" Chardonnay - 6/12/15

Are you ready for the first ever wine of the week to be featured at (And no, this is not a bum wine.) By now you must have heard that The Grape Girls will be joining us this Sunday on the BWB Podcast. As a special treat they sent over a special Wine Of The Week to be featured and help promote their appearance on the show.

The Grape Girls had this to say about their choice for wine of the week and their upcoming appearance on the podcast:

Right now we’re on Chardonnay, so this week we’ll be drinking through some "Knock On Wood” Chardonnay from one of our faves, Mouton Noir Wines. We’re drinking it this week, so we’ll be able to talk about it by Sunday. Excited. xo Lo & Tee

Check out the Mouton Noir Wines website if you want to learn more about this wine.  

Be sure to tell your friends to grab a bottle of The Grape Girls Wine Of The Week and join us this Sunday at 11AM ET for "Bumming It With The Grape Girls". Cheers!

Listen to "Bumming with Bobcat" on Spreaker.

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