Bum Wine Of The Week - Thunderbird - 7/3/15

Another Fourth Of July weekend is upon us, and that means it's time for everyone's favorite Bum Wine Of The Week!  While we like to switch things up at bumwinebob.com to give all you readers more variety, when it comes to the great USA and bum wine, there is only one that should be consumed on the 4th of July. That, my loyal readers is, "The American Classic" Thunderbird!

We first inducted Thunderbird as the Bum Wine Of The Week for the 4th of July in 2014 and since then we have also inducted it's number one concoction, Thunder Dew!

Just because Thunderbird is "The American Classic" doesn't mean that our friends over in England can't enjoy some of this fine wine as well. I received this email from Paul over in England who was able to give us his input on the glorious history of Thunderbird wine.

"I read with interest your article on Thunderbird and how with some good advertising it could become a mainstream product. Sometime back in the early eighties E&G tried to export their lovely products to the limeys. Just what possessed the brain of the executive (a couple of bottles of his own product) that the Brits would like to drink something that turned your tongue black from 5.000 miles away ,rather than a nice Claret or Chablis from 500 miles is beyond me. Anyway they went ahead and somehow managed to convince the estate of one James Dean (the poster sales must have started drying up) that Jimmy boy was the ideal candidate to promote the glorious elixir. I present to you a life size cardboard cutout of himself James Dean complete with a groovy pop out bottle (You know you want it)and an immortal tag line "The American Classic". So all you in the grand ole USA can forget about the Super Bowl,forget the Indy 500 or the Kentucky Derby.You can throw away your 59 Cadillac and even your Shelby Cobra for here in England there are only 2 real American Classics James Dean and the Golden Elixir."

"By the way the blue bottle was 11% ABV think it was some tax thing they could do it for £2.49 and the red was a staggering £3.49 so our bums had to suffer watered down T-Bird.You can see the effect of the pop out bottle. Happy Independence Day"

Thank you Paul for sharing your knowledge of Thunderbird wine with all of us today. Also a special thanks to the late James Dean for promoting this fine product to the people of England!

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