The Krude Experience - 7/13/15

Childhood's End?

Aging is inevitable. Like death and taxes. The more I age,the more I realize how short human life really is. And how time flies by at warp speed. And to have maintained any kind of distinct memories of what has occurred in my life during my time,is amazing.

Some of my most cherished memories involve the rock bands I've worshipped since I was a kid. The albums. The concerts. The good times involved with those bands.

And now here we are in 2015 and most of my favorite bands are still recording and performing.


It was just plain sad to see Van Halen a few years ago. DLR is done. Case closed. Eddie and Alex can still rip,but the magic is gone. Father time has gotten to the once mighty VH. And why isn't Michael Anthony in this band now?

The last time I saw KISS was the last time I'll ever see KISS. Granted,it was a KISS show. Big,loud,flashy,and all around fun. It was just painful to listen to Paul Stanley struggle with his quickly deteriorating singing voice. He looks and plays great. But vocally,his best days are behind him.

I live very close to the house where Glenn Danzig grew up. Same house where The Misfits used to rehearse in the basement. I am a huge fan of all things Danzig. After seeing Danzig and the Misfits legacy show recently,I can add Glenn to the list of once great singers who are losing their singing chops. The last Danzig album was great. But I think his days of touring may be coming to an end.

It really bums me out to know that my prime source of entertainment (rock gigs) is becoming an endangered activity. There are still plenty of great bands to see,but to experience seeing some of my favorites take a turn for the worse,just sucks.

Enough of the bad. Now to the good-

Can't say enough good things about going to an Iron Maiden gig these days. Bruce Dickinson still sings at a top level. The band is tight,spot on,and totally focused. Bruce just had a cancer scare,but it's good to hear that he licked it and has gotten back to work with Maiden.New album in September 2015. Up The Irons! Yeah!

If you have never seen Buddy Guy,make plans to go immediately. I've been going to see Buddy for a long time,and he never disappoints. His guitar playing chops and overall performances are awesome. And he's almost 80 years old. Give him a pat on the back when he cruises through the audience during the gig. And if his genuine smile doesn't make you smile,you are truly miserable.

Rush. That one word makes most women wince. And makes most men rejoice. I've seen Rush about 20 times and they are still performing at a peak level. Still a top notch band releasing top notch albums. I saw their probable 'farewell' tour recently at a packed Madison Square Garden. A flawless,overall super show it was. Even if they become a 'Vegas Residency' band in the future,i will go.

I'm going to see The Detroit Cobras next week. It will be fun. Real people performing with real instruments playing vintage R+B covers. I got a great story about the Cobras for the next time I come around here. Stay tuned.....

Danke schoen


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  1. Just curious, is it true that the house number of Glenn's childhood home is 138 and that's what the song is based on?