The Krude Experience - 7/20/15

The Detroit Cobras 

The Detroit Cobras are a rock band that plays vintage cover songs.They play real instruments (no Pro Tools or MIDI bullshit). They have written only one original song that I know of (Hot Dog). They are the cool chicks you knew in high school that you could smoke,drink,and screw around with. And they have great taste in music.They can drink you and me under the table (Dorothy Parker style) and demand a drag off your smoke when you're down there. And they rock balls on stage.

Yeah. That kind of hard ass chick.

Playing vintage 50's and 60's R and B tunes in this day and age is ballsy. For anybody. For two women (and some dudes) to be doing it for nearly 20 years is unheard of.

For my money,Rachel Nagy's singing pipes always buried Amy Winehouse's pipes. Except Rachel didn't die at age 27 a broken junkie. She's belting out true R and B classics with guitarist Mary and some dudes to this day. Thank the heavens.

I promised a cool Cobras story in last week's Krude Experience. So here it is:

The Detroit Cobras booked a gig on a Rocks Off (look 'em up) boat cruise that travels around Manhattan's East and Hudson rivers at midnight a couple of years ago. Good deal. I'm there. I decided to ask a couple of friends I have from Switzerland if they wanted to go. And my on and off again blonde gf. Everybody down to party on a boat with the Cobras. Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Boat takes off from 23rd st and FDR in NYC. An opening band played first. Then the Cobras. Before the Cobras took the stage,my blonde gf informs me that "the singer from the Cobras is getting dressed in the ladies room. She seems a bit wasted". Sounds good to me. Cobras take the stage. Boat is rocking. Literally. The waves on the river were causing the boat rock. The band plays their collective tits and balls off. Rachel is pounding beers throughout the whole set. My Swiss friends are having a blast. Everybody dancing to the tunes. Shit,that was a fun show.

Show ends when the boat starts to dock. Crowd starts to leave. My group is hanging back finishing our drinks. I see Rachel from the Cobras still hanging around the stage. So I tell my Swiss friends to say hi to her and tell her how far you came to see her perform. They walk over to Rachel and start chatting. After a minute,i look back over at them only to see Rachel start to lose her balance (cuz of the drunken spins) and crash to the floor. Right in front of my friends. I managed to catch a pic of this. Then we all leave to the streets of NYC.

Rock n' Fucking Roll.

So before you spend a day's wages on a ticket to see the likes of Dave Matthews,Kenny Chesney,Foo Fighters etc.. this summer,check out the Detroit Cobras when they come to a dive bar near you. Tell them Kapn Krude sent you (like they know who I am). Share your bottle of Thunderbird with them. Let them have a hit of your joint. They're real people. Thank the heavens again.

Stay cool this summer



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