The Krude Experience - 7/6/15


After a slight,well meaning detour last week,The Krude Experience is back on track with the express.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Krudeness.

Unless you can find a pro beach volleyball program hosted by Karch Kiraly,what else do you watch on tv on a steamy Sunday afternoon during the summer? The 700 Club? Major World used car infomercial? Full House rerun? Wrong. Wrong. And wrong.

Real men watch baseball. MLB beisbol. Preferably,with a plate of chow and a cold beverage close by. And your better half (broad) out shopping. Ah yes. Life is grand. HD grand.  

But what happens when your chick wants to go out with you on a Sunday and you want to watch the game? Just cough up the dough and take her to the ballpark. She can get some sun,have a few drinks,and spend time with her man. Chicks like sitting in public next to the cock they plan on riding later. Why not make it at the stadium?

Pricey beers at the stadium can be a concern (on the wallet and psyche).Knowing stadium booze prices are high mainly because of asshole ARod size salaries of a lot of players. With some players taking in close to a $1mil a week,you will only see stadium booze prices go up. Bummer.

I went to the 1978 World Series as a kid. The ticket cost $17,for the best seat in the house. A handful of nachos and a warm,flat Lite beer will now set you back $18. Double bummer.

Since I brought up the 1970's... Here's a long story made very short. My parents went a NY Yankees banquet honoring Joe Dimaggio in the late 70's. Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle (best buds) were there. They managed to make enough drunken, lewd comments in front of my mother that she made my father leave the banquet early.She is still insulted about that incident to this day. I think my father is more pissed for not staying and mingling with the legends.

Fact: Babe Ruth never did steroids. Just booze,whores,hot dogs and cigars. My kind of guy.

Fact: Jose Canseco is a low rent buffoon,but he is not a liar.Vindicated.

I like pitchers who doctor the ball.Then act like they're innocent when the umpires catch them red handed. Thank you Gaylord Perry.

Baseball is always at its best when a flashy ring is at stake. Championship rings should be mandatory pinky rings for men. And made of cheap gold plating and cubic zirconia. So that if the player gets divorced,his ex won't want his cheap ass (yet cool) ring in the settlement. Smart thinking.

There was nothing like watching the late Ralph Kiner shill for Schaefer beer during NY Mets broadcasts. He always looked way more than half in the bag during Kiners Korner segments.A drunkard's drunkard indeed. If he was still alive,I'm sure he'd do BWB's podcast. And still be a shill for Schaefer beer.

Baseball is more about legs,than arms. If you ever played baseball,you'll agree.

Pastime is the title of a great baseball movie starring Glenn Plummer and William Russ. Perfect flick for when a game gets rained out. Or if you need to kill a couple of hours and Pornhub hasn't refreshed their inventory.

Barry Bonds was a surefire Hall Of Famer before 1998. Pete Rose always played and coached to win. Roger Clemens was the Nolan Ryan of his generation. They all belong in the MLB HOF. Now.

Always take the first pitch
Then swing for the fences
And touch all the bases


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