The Krude Experience - 8/17/15

Sweet Addiction

I hate coffee. I've never wavered on that claim. I have had one half cup of coffee in my entire life. Didn't like it at all then. Still don't like it to this day. 
One percenters used to refer to people that were true social outcasts. Bikers,rockers,tattoo artists,sideshow freaks,etc.. Now it means the top of the wealth chain. To me, being a one percenter means going against the social grain. Hating coffee definitely goes against the mass social grain. I don't know of too many people who don't drink coffee. Noall you Krude blog fans know of one: Me. Be proud. I am.
With so many people in this country starting their day with 20oz of coffee product (jacked with caffeine),does that count as an addiction? I says yes. This new culture of ultra morning (legal) speed intake is quite noticeable with the way society,in general, is acting. Not for the good,I may add. 
I will admit: I drink green tea every morning. Can I go a day,a week,a month without it? Yes. Easily.Green tea is low in caffeine and has strong antioxidant properties. That's weird talk coming from a guy named Krude who writes blogs on a website called Yet,it is truth. 
I had girlfriends in the past who couldn't function at all without having an XL turbo java frappawhateverthefuck with their morning smoke. I'm talking about 100lb chicks soaking wet. Forget about morning blowjobs. I would have to trek to some coffee spot,wait on line,then bring it back to her. Even after the mud and smoke were in her system,would have to get a piece of ass with the scent of coffee and cigarettes on her. Notice I said 'had' a girlfriend like this. I'd rather do shots of booze first thing with a broad.Get laid.Then get mimosas. Take note all you BWB babes.
So for everybody who waits on long lines at coffee spots.And pays top dollar every morning just to fix your buzz jones.You have my sympathy. Addiction is a bitch. First step is to admit to it. Doctors and scientists will soon know the long term effects of high sugar,high caffeine on the human body that these new coffee drinks contain. I'm sure a warning label will slapped on java jackets soon. 
If ever there was day that coffee was in short supply,and it wasn't easily accessible,would people kill each other to get it? People kill each other for control of oil reserves. People kill each other over religious beliefs. It's not out of the question that coffee may have similar spiritual properties to it. Judging by the lines of people I see everyday outside of coffee joints,coffee addiction is its own religion. At $4 a cup. 
And I still hate the taste of coffee. 

Have a Sunshine Day!

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