The Krude Experience - 8/24/15


Disclaimer: There is no disclaimer. Carry on with life. Onto Krude blog. Lubricant optional.

Pranks. Creative pranks. Things done for laughs at the expense of somebody else. I love practical jokes. Even if I'm the victim. Good fun. Fond memories.Here's a few I've successfully pulled off:

Ballerina iced tea
Ballerina tea is used to make people shit more to lose weight. It can found at most health stores. It will make you drop a few deuces after a cup or two. I use it to play a gag on people who are due to be on a bus or plane in less than a day. Just make sweet tea with Ballerina tea. Use 8 teabags to make 2 quarts. Boil water.Steep all the bags for 5 minutes. Add 1/2 cup real sugar to hot water. Cool. Then chill in fridge. Add fruit flavors if you like. Then serve it to the person who has to catch a flight soon. Nothing worse than getting the runs while being 6 miles high in the sky.

Drunk buddy cell phone gag
When a buddy get way,way loaded,grab their cellphone. Use the internet browser to look up gay escorts. Just Google 'local gay escorts'. Find the best male escorts (a few twinks will do great). And call using the buddy's phone. If the escort answers, tell them you need an appointment for the next day (when your friend should be sober). And to call back 1 hour prior to the appointment to confirm location. With the next escort,give them the same line but a half hour later call back time to confirm. Do this 3 or 4 times.

Phony lottery tickets
Phony scratch off lottery tickets are an easy,cheap,yet totally fucked up way to play a gag on someone. I find the phony scratch games at my local dollar store. The games will look like you won $5K. This gag works best with people not familiar with scratch off games. But the range of emotions the victim will go through in a matter of 60 seconds is amazing. Not a gag for somebody with a heart condition either.

I've got a few more pranks up my sleeve.But I don't want to give away too much at this time. Enjoy the laughs. Smiles aren't easy to come by in these weird,trying times.

Keep it real
Keep it Krude


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