The Krude Experience - 8/31/15

Renaissance Faire 2015

The Renaissance Faire. Or as Krude likes to call it: A drunken day on the ye olde green with awesome tits on mediocre chicks.

Yet somehow,I always find myself going to this summertime event. It's always the same: drink midpriced booze,eat non ordinarily named ordinary food,and check out the tits a plenty everywhere.

I go to the New York Ren Faire in Tuxedo,NY. It's about 45 minutes from where I live. This year,I brought a blonde chick with me. So, if I was going to spend $125 alone,now that total has become around $300 with the skirt with me. That's because the Ren Faire is basically a chotskies heaven for women who worship a Elizabethan style. And a place for dudes to check out tits.

Did I mention tits?

Checking out the various 'acts' that perform at the Ren Faire is always a corny experience. Usually a juggler or knife thrower who cracks benign jokes while risking life and limb. While wearing tights. Always down another drink before seeing a Ren Faire act. You'll be glad you did.

Drinking at the Ren Faire is a good thing. Plenty of tap beer and a few wine choices. When I asked a bartender about the 'Cisco they keep in the back', they looked at me with unmerry scorn. I must've touched a nerve of something. Me and the blonde drank $7.50 Barefoot white wine in a plastic cup. Had about 6 cups each.  Good enough for cheap feels on the way home.

I'm not hungover today. Got home in time to see my Oakland Raiders play a preseason game on NBC. And got a piece of ass before work today. Maybe some fairie dust got sprinkled in my drinks yesterday.

Renaissance Faire. Krude approved.

Except for the dudes in tights.



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