The Krude Experience - 8/3/15

Kruisin' With Krude

Time for another round of Pure Krudeness. Monday's are Krude. Actually,everyday is Krude to me. I just got laid 30 minutes prior to starting this blog. In a Hilton hotel in near Asbury Park. Saw a Dean Ween gig at the famous Stone Pony last night. I set the room fridge too cold and it froze my Rock Star energy drink. So I'm currently defrosting it with a hot water bath from the room coffee maker. Add a few Pop Tarts and you have one sweet ass start to the day.

Asbury Park NJ is infamous for a number of different reasons. It was once a nice beach community at one time. More people who live there now are on the Welfare rolls than not. And more importantly,home of the Discount Liquor Warehouse. Find your favorite bum wines across from the cash registers. Look what I found.

Did I mention this is my birthday weekend? Friday was the actual date. But why stop there? Fuck it. Roadtrip to the Jersey Shore. Deaner,then AC. Let the party roll on... And on....

The Electric Melon MD2020 is easily the best tasting MD I've ever had. Even the blonde I brought with me on this weird journey liked it. Tastes like liquid Jolly Ranger candy. Then a slight burn in the chest. You could throw a party with this shit alone. Demand it at your local liquor store.

Can't say enough bad things about Wild Irish Rose Moscato flavor. Smells like piss and Veryfine apple juice combined. Tastes like dollar store apple cider from the abyss.Pass on this rare find. Not worth the hangover.

Dean Ween Group played their nuts off Saturday night. I literally ran into Dickie Moist,singer from the Moistboyz in the crowd. I asked him if he was jamming tonight? He said yes,after the song 'I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot'. Ok. So I nudged him just after that song was played. He was a bit lit up,to say the least. Then he killed it with the band on the Ween classic 'Transdermal Celebration'.   I drank Jameson shots all night. Killer gig. Dean Ween Group not to be missed.

Scored a room in Atlantic City for the next night. Ballys, here we come!

Rolled into town around 2pm and I caught a glimse of something while behind the wheel. I snapped this pic near Ballys casino. A pregnant lady with kids in tow,window shopping at a porn shop.  Welcome to AC, Krude.

Did the usual drink,gamble,fuck,repeat routine. Ate an overstuffed burger at Guy Fieri's Chophouse. Played Spanish 21 at the tables.Damn,i love this town.

Hope y'all are getting ready for the BWB WrestleMania 32 party in AC next April. This town doesn't disappoint.  Neither will the BWB crew.

Here's to a 'not so sober' Monday



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