Wine Of The Week - Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian - 8/14/15

Boone's Farm. It was only a matter of time before we finally discussed this topic at and today is that day. When you tell most people about bum wine, the first thing they will usually say to you is, "Oh bum wine, like Boone's farm?" and usually my prompt response is "No. Not quite Boone's farm.". That's because Boone's Farm is something on an entirely different level. Many times you have heard me classify Boone's Farm as a "bum wine light" or as "bum wine training wheels".

Boone's Farm is produced and manufactured by the E & J Gallo Winery. This is the same fine winery that gives us both Thunderbird and the Night Train Express. Now the main difference here is that Boone's is no longer considered a "wine" and is now classified as a "malt beverage". This is where it gets tricky when trying to name Boone's Farm as the "Wine Of The Week". While no longer technically a "wine" I feel that we have to go back to it's roots as a former brand of apple wine and allow it to still be named the WOTW.

On tap today we have Blue Hawaiian Boone's Farm. An "American Original" coming in at 3.2% ALC by Vol. Right there is why you can see that Boone's does not rank at the bum wine level. With a bum wine you are usually at least somewhere around the 13-17% range with the alcohol content, and Boone's is ranking much lower. As with some of our other favorites, the bottle tells us to amke sure when we enjoy this fine beverage to "serve very cold".

At first look the color is very similar to the color of Glass Plus or windshield washer fluid. During the BWB Birthday Bash I had posted a picture on Instagram of a bottle of Night Train that happened to be sitting on the counter next to a bottle of Glass Plus when @junkyard_beautyshop responded "Fuck it man, just drink the glass plus!".

The taste isn't that bad. Similar to pretty much any other fruity malt drink that's out there these days. I can taste the blue, and i guess that's Hawaiian I taste as well? No strong aftertaste or burning sensation as it goes down like you would get from bum wines. All in all it's not a bad drink, just not something that we can judge on the same level as a bum wine. If you are looking to get your feet wet and start off easy before getting into the world of bum wine, then Boone's Farm is for you.

The BWB Podcast will be LIVE this Sunday at 11AM ET! We will be taking a ride down to Boone's Farm, getting ready for some football, the latest on the BWB WrestleMania 32 Bash, cleaning up the craft beer mess, and MORE! Be sure to tune in and give it a listen! Cheers!

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