The Krude Experience - 9/21/15

The Turnaround Twelve

  A music magazine from England called Kerrang used to write reviews about all different hard rock and metal bands.Some famous bands.Some not so famous bands.Maybe they still do....

But in late 1986,Kerrang wrote a review for an EP called Live!?! Like A Suicide by a band called Guns N' Roses. A small black and white pic of the band next to the review. That was the first I had ever known of Guns N' Roses. A 4 out of 5 'K' review. My interest in this band solidified. I somehow manage to get a cassette copy of this now rare EP. It's has the same 4 songs on each side of the tape. It's a raw,guitar driven,upbeat tempo band. With a singer who sounds like nobody else. And they looked like they sounded. Real.

When the Guns N'Roses album Appetite For Destruction was released in the summer of 1987,I bought the cassette on the first week it was out. 2 weeks after that,I got my drivers license. AFD was the soundtrack in my car at all times. But at that time,GNR wasn't famous.Nobody knew who they were. Yet...

By February 1988, GNR was starting to build a major music industry buzz. A show was booked at the Ritz in NYC with Great White. I bought tickets not knowing that MTV was filming the gig.

It was a cold,rainy night for the Ritz gig. The smell inside the Ritz was an amalgam of cigarette smoke,stale beer,hairspray,perfume,and wet leather. Great White played first. Not bad. GNR came on and... Well,you'll just have to see it on Youtube. The mayhem in the crowd that night wasn't quite captured by the MTV cameras. That show rocked balls. I still have the t shirt I bought that night.

I was lucky enough to see the original GNR two more times. Once headlining over Zodiac Mindwarp at the Felt Forum. Then as an opening band to Aerosmith and Deep Purple at Giants Stadium. The color portion of the Paradise City video is from the Giants Stadium show. I was on the floor/field for that gig. If you were really there on the floor,you would know a special fact: There was a nude dude crowd surfer. Nasty shit.

By the time of the Giants Stadium show,GNR was becoming the biggest band in the world. Their music was being played everywhere.Musicians  in other bands started copying the GNR sound and style. Guys liked the music.Girls liked the music. GNR changed the musical and cultural rock scene in a major way. Not since the 1960's had a rock act been so influential on so many levels. Hence,the title of this blog: The Turnaround Twelve. That's a reference to the 12 tracks on Appetite For Destruction-the best rock album ever created.

Word has it that the original GNR are reforming for 2016 tour. I hope the band plays for the right reasons-the music and the fans. The $ and chicks and dope will be there for them.But it's the tunes and attitude that will the real attraction for everybody. The GNR magic wasn't quite there during the Use Your Illusion and every tour forward from that. GNR will always be Axl Rose,Slash,Izzy Stradlin,Duff Mckagan,and Steven Adler. The greatest rock band the USA ever produced.

Long live Rock N' Roll!



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