The Krude Experience - 9/28/15

Booze and Moods

A girl I referenced in an earlier Krude Experience blog (see Krude Experience archives) has inspired me to write this blog. She was the southern chick I went to Texas with to see Mojo Nixon,who tried to score MD 2020 in the slums of Houston with me back in 2004. And during that drunken fuck fest of a vacation,she schooled me on booze moods i.e. the state certain alcohol leaves you in. Beer,whiskey,vodka,wine,fortified wine,etc... She was a full fledged alky with big tits and an even bigger heart.And a great teacher in all things lowbrow and dirty. Did I mention her nice tits? Of course. That image never leaves my memory. Nor does the devil tattoo on her right ass cheek. Wouldn't mind trying to make that devil blush right about now.

She used to say that if she drank whiskey,she would get mean. If she drank beer,she got rowdy. If she drank vodka,she got horny. And if she drank wine,she got sleepy. Sounds about right. I tested her own self assessment on her many times. Needless to say, I tried to keep the whiskey away from her at all costs. Cuz I knew if she did a few shots of whiskey,then a catfight would break out.And she would be in the middle of it. And I wasn't getting laid that night.

At that time,I thought a booze buzz was a booze buzz. Not to be. Now I know the intricacies of all liquor related intoxication. And how it affects somebody's (my) mood. Let's roll.

The old faithful of the alcohol family. My days of drinking beer are largely over (not my fault). But I do remember sporting many a beer buzz well. Beer intoxication used to put me in a tough,sloppy state of mind. The constant trips to piss often collided with my sex life. In a good,mother naturely way.

I've never been a big 'clear' booze drinker (except for moonshine) in my life. I would get the worst hangovers drinking vodka or gin. Not sure why. I remember the buzz as being steady. No big ups or downs.  I'm not complaining,but clear booze ain't my thing.

Krude loves him some whiskey. Bourbon,if yer from Kentucky. Whiskey makes me forget everything that is pissing me off. Granted,whiskey dick is no fun.But if no pussy is in my immediate future,whiskey is my go to hooch. And I never get a hangover drinking it. Good,heady buzz. I usually go up in proof as the night goes longer. From 80 proof to 101 proof to 127 proof. Yes!

To kill ya,as my ex wife used to say. Tequila makes a mere mortal quasi insane. To Krude,tequila is a annual booze buzz. Makes me loopy. Usually taking place at an Mexican restaurant. I've never eaten the worm either. So there is something to look forward to if I ever party with Sammy Hagar.

Bum Wine
The reason why we're all on this website. Bum wines,or fortified wines,create a buzz that is individual to themselves. At only 34 proof on average,you would think a bum wine isn't so wicked. Don't be fooled. Cisco,Wild Irish Rose,Night Train,and Thunderbird will kick your ass at only 375 ml (around 12 ounces). MD 2020 is slightly less wicked,but still packs a punch. A bum wine buzz is a rollicking one. You will be humming the theme from Benny Hill while stripping naked for no reason at all. All for $2.49 a bottle. Go for it!

Red wine. White wine. Whatever. It's what you drink when you have $ and enjoy low proof hooch. It takes a bottle or so for me to catch a buzz off of normal wines. The buzz generated is one of slurred words and glazed eyes. Best for me to have a glass with a nice dinner. Then go for the hard stuff.

The Field

The occasional shots at the bar your super wasted (yet super cool) buds order when your team wins. Always for Krude as a shot,never a nightly 'go to'. Have too many of these shots and a toilet seat will act as support for your arms during your vomit fest. Enjoy.

Experience brings wisdom. And a possible STD. Share the wisdom only.

Slainte Mhath


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