The Krude Experience - 10/19/15

To Porn Or Not To Porn

Recently, Playboy magazine announced that they will no longer show images of nude women in their magazine or website. Yes,you read that correctly: NO NUDITY IN PLAYBOY. Admittedly,a piece of Krude's soul was tarnished by that news. The Playboy centerfold is the most iconic nudie poster ever created. I used to proudly hang centerfolds in my middle and high school lockers. Was I ever punished or forced to remove the centerfolds from my lockers? Never. Thank you Jeff Spicoli for the inspiration for decorative porn display.

Thus begins the begging of the question: To Porn Or Not To Porn?

I hope Playboy's new policy of non nudity doesn't create a tidal wave of copycat correctness. I think I've already experienced a bit of porn censorship in recent weeks. Let me explain:

I have mentioned in a previous Krude Experience blog that I have a close friend recovering from a living donor liver transplant.Well,when he was still hospitalized,I would make the trip to see him after my work hours. I thought it would be a good idea to bring him the new issue of Hustler or Buttman,to lift his spirits. Problem was that the first time I went to the hospital (on 168th st NYC), I couldn't find one newsstand or bodega that would carry a nudie mag within 5 blocks of the hospital. Strange indeed. You could find any 40oz malt liquor or bum wine around there,but no smut. Very strange.

I live near route 46 in Northeast NJ. That part of 46 used to be known as Sin Alley. It was a haven for all things Krude: go-go bars,porn shops,cheap motels,liquor stores,used cars,fast food and faster women. Now it's just fast food and used cars,for the most part. There's a few porn shops and one titty bar left. Tourists stay at the cheap motels now. It's still kinda seedy,but not nearly enough for my tastes. The hookah shop that replaced a porn shop wasn't such a bad trade though.

Is it that with the advent of droid phones (with HD screens) and easily found free porn images on the world wide web that has killed the point of purchase porn industry? No longer do dads have to hide their nudie mags under their beds. They can stash their ass pics on their phone. You can download an entire Alexis Texas anal scene for free these days. That's good and bad for the likes of a Krude. The good is the easy,private access. The bad is the not getting the rush you get when you buy and bring home a quality porn video. Those days are quickly fading for the few faithful porners left....

So instead of spending $12 on a selfie stick for your IPhone,spend it on a pervy porn mag-hopefully with a free dvd in with it. Tell the cashier Krude sent you. Spread the word.



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