The Krude Experience - 10/26/15


For anybody thinking Krude is writing an obituary for somebody recently deceased,you are mistaken. This blog is about products I've used over the years that have been discontinued. Quality products that somehow got the eternal boot by misguided company strategists. My eternal scorn is pointed to said companies for the error of their ways. Let's begin

Planters Cheez Balls

My all time favorite snack to eat. Haven't seen this on store shelves since around 2007. No other current cheesy puff snack comes remotely close to the taste of Planters Cheez Balls. I even signed an online petition to bring back this item. As of the writing of this blog, the Cheez Balls remain retired by Planters. A damn shame it is.

Nite Flight Malt Liquor

Here's a cheap 40 oz I used to abuse back in the day. I was introduced to this malt liquor a few years back by a temp worker who appeared at my company. He was a true 40 oz connoisseur and vouched for this hooch. Usually found one shelf above the bum wine at the ghetto liquor store. Cool looking bottle. Good price. Good malty buzz. Sad to hear of its demise.

Jovan Musk Stick Deodorant

The reason I'm writing this blog. I currently found out that this product is no longer being produced. I have a 1/2 stick left sitting in my medicine cabinet. I've been using this stuff for years. It's the perfect scent,in the perfect size container,that doesn't contain alcohol or aluminum. Fuck you Coty for shelving your best product.

Rockstar Energy Gum

I'm a fan of Rockstar sugar free energy drinks. But this now discontinued gum was my go to quick energy fix as of the past couple of years. 1 small piece of this gum tasted good,woke you up,and didn't leave a bad funk taste in your mouth. Perfect little caffeine buzz. Was great to chew after leaving a bar late at night and heading to another.

People can say 'out with the old,in with the new'. But when the new is of lesser quality than the old,then there's a problem. Just think WWE on monday nights. Michael Cole in the announcer chair over Jim Ross? No wonder Raw ratings are way down.

Stay true
Stay loose
Stay free



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