The Krude Experience - 11/2/15

Happy Belated Halloween

Better late than never. Fuck it. I'm the asshole for writing about Halloween a few days after the actual holiday. But it was my mother who reminded me about a Halloween from Krude's youth that would certainly qualify as 'special'. She floated this memory to me on this past Halloween morning. Hence,the tardy nature of this Krude Experience blog. I should be writing a follow up blog about DeflateGate and the cheating Patriots. That's cuz Brady,Belichick,and Kraft are the biggest living ghouls on the planet right now (no offense to El Chapo or Dick Cheney).

Ok. Here goes. This is a true story.

Back in my early Krude days,my mother was the local Girl Scout leader. My sister was in her troop. Along with another girl,whose mother was friendly with mine. But it was this girls' stepdad that will make this story very interesting. Fast forward to Halloween 1979.

My mother was throwing a big Girl Scout Halloween party at our house that year. I was stoked to be going trick or treating as Ace Frehley from KISS. I didn't want to be anywhere near my house that night.My mother made the costume for me (it rocked,see pic). Note the silver and black shirt under my costume. Raiders baby,70's style. I digress. Back to the story:

So the stepdad of the girl who was in my mom's troop caught wind of the party that was happening at my house. He offered to dress up like a werewolf,hide in another room,and then scare the shit out the Girl Scouts at the party,at the most opportune time. My mom thought this was a great idea.  

Just as I was about to go out that night,this stepdad arrived. I answered the door. The bearded dude that stood in front of me creeped me out,even without a costume on. He politely asked for my mom. I yelled for her to come to the door. Once she came and acknowledged him,l left to trick or treat. Off to the mean streets of Closter,NJ to grub candy (thank you Mean Street Posse). The party starts soon after. I still remember the mess I saw the next morning. And the leftover candy apples and popcorn balls. Yes!

So who was this mysterious stepdad you ask?

Bill Evans

Jazz pianist extrordinare

Just Google his name and read about this guy. Accolades a plenty. A true American Jazz legend on the piano.

I had no idea who he was then. He was just a creepy old dude to me. There is a pic of him from that night,but my mom doesn't want it made public.

Sadly,I would later learn that Bill Evans passed away less than a year after his Halloween werewolf scare a thon. I hope he had fun that night.

So here's to next year's Halloween night. Maybe I'll even dress up for the occasion. As Tommy Thayer. Not.

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