Malt Beverage Of The Week - Steel Reserve Spiked Punch - 12/4/15

All hail the Steel Reserve Alloy Series! It was back in 2013 that our friends over at MillerCoors and the manufacturers of the classic Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager introduced this new and affordable product line of flavored malt beverages to the masses. They started off the series with their BLK Berry variety, and in 2014 introduced the Spiked Punch flavor.

According to MillerCoors they say that the Steel Reserve Spiked Punch "serves up a perfect blend of cherry, orange and strawberry flavors." Upon first taste I think it tastes like Hawaiian Punch with an extra kick. It is similar to a Four Loko, but probably tastes just a tad worse. Can that be possible? It isn't THAT bad to drink, but make sure you down it quick before it stars to get warm.

Coming in at 8% ABV in a 24-ounce can it can give you the perfect punch to start off your night of drinking. I suggest starting off with just one can and you will get a nice buzz going before moving on to something different to drink. These retail for around $2.29 in my area and are about $1 more expensive than the standard classic 211.

While I gave the Spiked Punch some semi-favorable reviews, Jayman from IWS Radio did not agree with me. After we talked about the Steel Reserve Alloy Series on an episode of IWS Radio last fall, he took to YouTube with his own video taste test and review of this flavored malt beverage. He doesn't hold back any punches and gave his honest and unbiased opinion of the 211.

Since the release of Steel Reserve Spiked Punch in 2014, the brand has expanded with Pineapple and Margarita flavors as well to go with the original BLK Berry variety. We won't get into these at this time and will save them for another installment sometime in the future!

Steel Reserve Spiked Punch is a worthy induction as the BWB Malt Beverage Of The Week! These should be tried by everyone at least once so MillerCoors will keep introducing new flavors to their Alloy Series line of malt beverages!

"Steel Reserve Alloy Series offers value-seeking consumers a beverage that they can actually afford. The introduction of Spiked Punch brings more variety into the Steel Reserve brand family and extends its reach with consumers."

"In Spiked Punch’s packaging, Steel Reserve fans will recognize the familiar “211” and  shield iconography, but with a colorful twist to appeal to consumers looking for flavors.  The magenta color of the can provides a glimpse of the bold flavor they can expect when enjoying the product."

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