The Krude Experience - 12/21/15


When the news broke about a month ago that Ween, an American rock band,was getting back together for a series of shows in Colorado,I nearly pissed myself. Ween had been broken up for nearly 4 years at that point of time. And in that 4 year span,I hardly traveled anywhere. Then it occurred to me that most of my travelling from 1992-2011 stemmed from my Ween gig addiction. 68 Ween gigs I saw in that span. In 23 different U.S.states. Why in the world would I ever travel to Providence,RI or Asheville,NC? For the Ween,of course. And it was always worth it.

To be a Ween fan,one must be a peripheral music fan. Ween can cover almost any style of music anytime they feel like it. They are not a hippy jam band nor are they classic rock revisionists. They write their own music and play those songs with passion. And possess a wicked sense of humor. That's a good mix for a band: chops,tunes,laughs.

The women I date must be 'Ween' chicks. They have to dig at least a few of the tunes. Otherwise,its hit the bricks time for that broad. Any woman who dates me will soon learn that they will travel a great amount of distance with me to satisfy my Ween addiction.On my dime,of course. Krude is always a gentleman towards the skirts.

Even though Ween singer Gene Ween needed to totally dry out before resuming his Ween duties,it doesn't mean YOU can't go and get ripped at one of their shows. They are my favorite band to catch a serious buzz to. Booze,pills,smoke etc... Booze lines at their shows can get out of hand quickly. Krude advice: Get on the booze line during the song Voodoo Lady. And buy 2 drinks for yourself.Thank me later.

Bands that reunite usually do it for the $. If $ is Ween's motivation for booking new gigs,so be it. I don't care. Dean Ween,Gene Ween,Dave Dreiwitz,Claude Coleman Jr and Glenn McClelland (an Italian,2 Jews,a Black and an Irishman) comprise of America's Greatest Band. You would be foolish not to catch this band in concert in 2016.Have fun.

Boognish doesn't discriminate



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