The Krude Experience - 12/28/15

Olde Krude's Almanac 2016

 As 2015 comes to its merciful close,Krude has decided to make some Criswellian predictions for the future that is 2016.Or call it weird,drunken hunches.Anyways,let's misbehave! For entertainment purposes only.

Batter up!

The phrase Global Warming will be known as Global Heating by the end of 2016

Dick Cheney will survive yet another heart attack and continue to 'stay the course'

Porn chicks will routinely perform quadruple (4 cocks at once) anal scenes (for only double the $)

El Chapo will put a Trillion Peso bounty on the head of President-elect Trump

Ghetto neighborhoods will now be referred to as Middle Class neighborhoods in 2016.Being homeless now qualifies as Lower Class

Video cameras for police uniforms will be strictly manufactured by Diebold-to ensure they malfunction with regularity

Using a turn signal will be an option (not a requirement) when making a turn on the road
Nickelback will still suck

Jello Pudding Pops will make a comeback- with Ben Roethlisberger as their pitchman

Nut shaving will become a mainstream phenomenon and Dollar Shave Club will invent a new 'scrotum only' razor

Nostradamus' prophecies were and will always remain heretic pablum

Masturbating to images of a younger Cindy Margolis WONT be creepy in 2016

Public school kids will be expected to pledge allegiance to the US flag and to Microsoft

And lastly, aliens exist...

Happy New Year!!!



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