The Krude Experience - 12/7/15

Reading with Krude

Believe it or not,but Krude does like to curl up with some quality literature on occasion. Usually true crime or a biography. Or something historical. I hate any kind of fiction. Cookbooks welcome. And fuck Tom Clancy.And anything Oprah Winfrey will ever recommend.

I gauge my love for a book by the amount of times I bring it to the shitter with me. For the past year or so,the book I've read most while defecating is: The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen by Al Jourgensen and Jon Wiederman.

If you have to ask who Al Jourgensen is,then this blog isn't for you. Go and listen to Dave Matthews Band and drink a Michelob Ultra. And don't sprain your pussy while doing so.

Al Jourgensen is the leader and founder of the band Ministry (and a ton of other side projects). Without Uncle Al doing his thing,Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) wouldn't be doing his. And so on. Jourgensen's influence can heard in most current rock recordings.But his biography is the stuff of legend. Motley Crue ain't got nothing on this hombre.

It doesn't matter what page I turn to in this book,its all gold. Even when Al fucks up on spellings and dates,its forgivable. Tons of drugs. Tons of booze. Tons of pussy. And a lot of cool stories about some very famous people. Not to mention all the great music he created while the insane excess was occuring. Krude approved reading,for sure.

So put this book on your holiday wish list.While your at it,put albums by Lard,Revolting Cocks,Buck Satan And The 666 Shooters,1000 Homo DJ's and Ministry on that wishlist. And let me know if Santa brings them to you. Just think of fun you will have opening a present containing a Buck Satan cd in front of mom (and then playing it for the family to enjoy). Nothing spells holiday memories like a Al Jourgensen recording. Thanks Al.

Merry XXXmas


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