You've never seen a taste like this! Podcast - 12/13/15

It's a Christmas miracle! It was announced this past Tuesday that Crystal Pepsi will return in a special sweepstakes for a limited time only. I've signed up. Have you? Those of you that have been following me on Twitter for years know about my obsession with this product and how happy I am to see that it is finally getting the recognition it deserves! Will this lead to a wide roll-out? Rumor has it that we will see it back on store shelves in July 2016. I hope so, but only time will tell!

Over the past few years we have seen a SURGE (see what I did there?) in discontinued products from the past making a comeback. What do you miss that you would like to see make it's way back onto store shelves? Let the world know! Who knows, we might be able to start a revolution right here at Bumming With Bobcat!

The Jayman has a commanding lead in the BWB NFL Pick 'Em league and with only 4 weeks to go as he looks to take that championship trophy! Will he be able to hold on during crunch time?

Oh yeah, WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs is LIVE this Sunday on the WWE Network. Does anyone actually expect this to be a good show?

2 LEGIT 2 QUIT! All that and MORE was covered on this weeks episode! Next week I will be joined on the show by Vickie Eisenstein (hopefully)! Give it a listen and tell your friends! Cheers!

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