Beer Of The Week - Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Style Pale Ale

By Dan Moore

I’m a very predictable man.  I go out to dinner, I get steak & potatoes. I watch TV, it’s reruns of Seinfeld. And when I drink beers, it’s Bud Light. All the time. In fact, I’ve avoided places that don’t have Bud Light. Not like I go in & leave if they don’t have it. I CALL BARS TO SEE IF THEY HAVE BUD LIGHT. It’s a sickness. I evidently don’t even like beer, I like bubbly, yellow watery drinks that get me drunk.

It’s a rare occasion that I’ll venture out side the norm and drink a ton of one kind of beer that isn’t Bud Light (let’s be clear, there’s a buncha beers I drink, Guinness, Bass etc, but I always crawl back to my urine colored master). But my good friend Turk convinced me to try Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Style Pale Ale.  I hate, HATE mostly all Pale Ales. They have exactly what is lacking in Bud Light. Flavor. GROSS. But this stuff was delicious. I couldn’t get enough. Turk had 36 of these bad boys and goddamn if we almost went through em all.

There I am, drinking them on his couch.
The drinkability of these beverages is off the charts. So smooth, you could down about a hundred of these.

I felt like a man drinking these beers for two reasons.

1. It was a real beer with real beer flavor.

2. It’s got a fucking elk on the bottle. AN ELK. Men hunt Elk all over the world (well, real men do, I only shoot them when I play Buck Hunter). In fact, we just call this booze Elk Blood now.

I never even noticed this booze before. But it’s now on the list of acceptable beers I can hurry down my gullet. Sure, it’s owned & operated by Anheuser Busch so it’s probably just 3 month old Bud Light with a fancy new label, but dammit, it’s tricking me and I’m officially drinking Pale Ale, so leave me alone.


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