The Krude Experience - 1/11/16

More Random Krudeness

 Greetings. Welcome to the Krude Experience. Now fuck off. Ha ha.

Sometimes,I feel like the lowest form of scum in a stagnant pond. Being Krude is about living in the now. Living in the extremes. Very high highs. Very low lows. Nothing in between.

Clinging to a lifestyle that most would consider weird does come with a pricetag.

Call me The Mayor of Suckville on those days.

I live in a police state i.e. New Jersey. Bergen County NJ, to be exact. The cops here make a shitload of cash for essentially nothing but busting people for nonsense. Real crime doesn't exist here. So the police are instructed to bust people for $ making infractions such as:

Driving with bald tire

Putting trash to close to the street

I've been pinched for both. 

Went to my local liquor shop to cash a winning lottery and score some hooch. Bookers bourbon was sold out. No bum wine. But directly opposite the whiskey aisle I spot a real gem: Climax Moonshine. Hard to find shine. Made by the star of Moonshiners,Tim Smith. It is awesome. Best I've ever had. Thanks Tim Smith for taking your recipe to the world.

It's always weird getting emails from ex girlfriends. Weird,but fun. The good times memories go into full effect. Then I remember why they are ex's. But pussy is pussy in the end.

Haven't talked to my father in over two years. Haven't been in the same room as him in 12 years. And I'm not exactly heartbroken over it.

I have a broken bone in my neck. It hurts.Everyday. The surgery I need costs over $100k. Insurance will cover 65% of that. I don't have $35k out of pocket for the surgery. I have enough $ for booze and pain pills for now. Life goes on.

David Bowie died today. Too many talented artists being taken from the world too soon. RIP David.
Winter blues. I think I have 'em.

The Climax Moonshine I will drink tonight will take those blues away.




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