The Krude Experience - 1/25/16

Country and Eastern 

For a few months now,while driving past Met Life Stadium in NJ,I've noticed a peculiar billboard ad that is mounted in the parking lot of the stadium. The billboard in question is a picture of Kenny Chesney (country singer) and a date for his appearance at the stadium. August 20,2016.This date marks Chesney' s fifth time this decade he will headline at Giants Stadium. Why such a huge lead time to advertise for this concert? This blog is being written in January 2016.

The Northeast section of the USA isn't really a hotbed for country music. Never has been. A country act headlining a stadium here (NJ) is a big deal. But I would be hard pressed to find anybody who lives in my town (3 miles from stadium) that plans on going to a Chesney show.

Then it struck me that the huge advertising lead time and size of venue has more to do with tourism to NYC than it does for an average NJ/NYC persons' desire to see a lame country show in a swamp bowl.

Chesney averages over 55,000 paying customers to his NJ stadium shows each year. I'm betting that around 98% of those tickets sold are to people who are on a summer vacation to NYC. And that's a conservative estimate.

New Jersey ain't Branson,Missouri,people.

Kenny Chesney is phony,wannabe Jimmy Buffet (who is equally as lame).

What kind of vacation is that?

I guess seeing the sights of NYC,eating at Shake Shack (sucks),riding in a handsome cab and catching a Chesney show is somebody's idea of a vacation.

Krude grew up with a mother who is a half blood Cherokee from Oklahoma. She met my NJ born father while he was attending college at OU. He became addicted to country music while being there. He would play the likes of Waylon Jennings,George Jones, Willie Nelson etc.. in his car while driving me somewhere as a kid. To this day,country music holds a special place in my musical NJ living heart.

But pop country really sucks.

Scott Borchetta is a real country music fans' worst enemy these days. Mike Curb earns honorable mention in this regard as well. Florida/Georgia Line anyone?

A triple bill of Hank Williams 3,Roger Alan Wade and Jayke Orvis would headline at Met Life Stadium in a Krude world. And have Climax Moonshine as the sponsor.

Instead,Krude will throw his own party on August 20,2016 in the outskirts of the Meadowlands. And no pop country (or Adele) will be played. And no red Solo cups. Bottles permitted. And smoking. And public nudity.

Fuck Kenny Chesney

Sing Me Back Home


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