The Krude Experience - 1/4/16

For Openers

 Welcome to 2016. The big holidays are over. NFL Playoffs start. Tax refunds start shipping out. Smart men make their Valentines Day reservations now. Broads live for that holiday. Choosing a swell eatery on V Day keeps a dude safe from a chick's wrath. The doghouse is no place to be come St Patricks Day.

Saw a great band from Asbury Park,NJ called The Battery Electric open a New Years Eve show for The Dictators NYC. I can see TBE becoming an international favorite of many rock fans. Great tunes,chops,attitude and energy.And they are New Jersey guys. Amen to that.  

Been going to a little restaurant in the Lower East Side of Manhattan called the Red Head for almost 5 years now. I always order their homemade soft pretzels (with beer/cheese spread) as an appetizer. Great way to start a soul infused supper. Larceny bourbon available there as well. Cool little place.

Krude always enjoys morning sex to late evening sex. Opening a day by busting a nut or two is tops in my book. Beats coffee and a smoke.

Bands I've seen as opening bands (that went on to being huge):

Alice in Chains (opened for Iggy Pop and Anthrax)
White Zombie (opened for Danzig and Circus of Power)
Pearl Jam (opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Soundgarden (opened for Danzig and Voivod)
Beck (opened for Evel Knievel,no stunts-just Q+A)

For the record,every song in the Van Halen catalog sounds like they could open a show with it. Whereas W.A.S.P.songs always sound like set enders.

First impressions are important in business and dating ($ and pussy).Opening a conversation and keeping somebody's attention is a learned quality of personality-and gateway to getting laid.

Wake and bake ain't my thing but it is a creative way to open a new day. Just ask Captain America.

Starting a new year knowing Lemmy ain't around playing rock n' roll is weird. I hereby decree Nashville Pussy as a worthy successor to Motorhead. Lemmy would approve. RIP Mr.Kilmister.

Have a beer for breakfast. And another for dessert. It's a New Day!



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  1. Beer for breakfast! A pint of Guinness is not only a delicious breakfast, it's healthier than what most people eat.