The Krude Experience - 50


Fifty years of the NFL Super Bowl (Ball).

That's longer than I've been alive. Not by much. Time for hair dye (Gary Kubiak style) and homemade Buffalo wings. And booze. Lots of it. Let's not forget prop bets with our buddies during the Big Game. And leave the broads at home. Unless they are cooking or doing a booze run for you. Super Sunday is a Man's Holiday. Just skip Coldplay at halftime.

Football has been a large part of my life since I can remember anything. Though even throwing a ball around these days doesn't appeal much to me. I like to watch,wager,and get loaded during football games every chance I get.

But football to most people means more than I already expressed.And football meant more to me as well. Football,in the form of electric,electronic,and video games were an equal addiction,when I was not outdoors playing. And with all the advances in cpu graphics and smooth gameplay these days,Krude is going to take you back to my low resolution youth. Recess is in!

Electric Football

This game always fascinated me. A vibrating metal field with little plastic players that would move in whichever direction you faced them. It looked real cool whenever the players were set up. Then a complete wreck after the vibrating 'play'  was switched off. I had the Raiders/Vikings version of this game when I was 7. Fond,yet frustrating memories of this toy.

Mattel Electronic Football

Possibly the greatest hand held game for guys ever created. I played the shit out of this 9 volt powered blip and bleep toy. I still sometimes see a reissued version of this game for sale around the holidays. Lucky i'm right handed as well. I was a Pro 2 playing kinda guy. Still am.

Intellivision Football

Intellivision was the best home video game system at the time (post disco era). Intellivision had the best graphics and gameplay hands down. It was also fun as hell. Atari football was a joke. I also remember a TV call in contest on channel 11 WPIX in NYC called TV Pixxx. This football game was part of the contest. The caller would play this game in passing mode by calling 'pix' into the phone to pass. Score enough points,get a prize. It was way cool- for 1981. Look up TV Pixxx on Youtube. Pix! Pix! Pix! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Joe Montana Football for Sega Genesis

Fast forward a few years. I was in pussy,rock music,and early age drinking mode in the 80's. But this football video game brought me back in front of the TV with a joystick in my hands in the early 90's. The 1994 version of this game was my favorite. I found a used Sega Genesis system at a garage sale for $15 a few years ago. It was great having Jeff Hostetler throw bombs to Tim Brown all over again. And the Houston Oilers running a Run and Shoot offense with Warren Moon as QB. Great shit. 

I'm not much into football related toys or games anymore. My son,on the other hand,is. He is a master at any of those Madden football games. Whether it was Game Cube,Playstation 2,3 or any Xbox,my son can kick my ass in those football games. Makes me way proud.

So have some balls and go for it on 4th down (Ron Rivera style) whenever you can. Football is the American Pastime. No doubt about it.



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