The Krude Experience - 2/15/16

I'm The Asshole 

A Cosmopolitan: A drink consisting of citrus flavored vodka,triple sec,cranberry and lime juice. Chilled. Very girly beverage. Carrie approved (ashamed to know that fact).

Cosmopolitan magazine: a modern fashion and style magazine for women. With articles. For women. Been in circulation forever.My sister had a subscription to this rag starting when she was 13. I was 10 and had my father's Playboy stash to peruse instead. 

It's just recently that this magazine has come into my life.And not by me jerking off to the hot chick pics contained within.

I've been called out by my steady yak  as being a Total Red Flag in her mind. Not knowing what that exactly meant,I ask for further explanation from her.

It seems as though I failed (miserably) a Cosmopolitan magazine relationship quiz she had taken.
I never laughed so hard in my life after hearing that.

She's being serious.

Then the explanation for why the 'Red Flag' status was bestowed upon me from her:

She's being serious.


Here goes:

I never answer text messages quick enough for her liking. True
I always have an excuse for not seeing her enough. True
I'm always fucking around with my phone in her presence. True
I never talk about our relationship. True

Yes. I'm the asshole. I get it.I'm the Cosmo Red Flag King.Guess my dick fits your holes nicely. That would be the only explanation for sticking around.

I'm the asshole- cuz I enjoy it. She says.

I'm just Krude being Krude.

I've known her longer than I've been Kapn Krude. She has no clue about my alter ego. Self inflicted Red Flag

Valentines Day. To me that's no less than $500 down the drain. She knows that. She exploits that. Just another Pussy Tax,I says.

I may be 'the asshole' of the relationship,but I sure know how to entertain a skirt.  True

I need a drink. Or five.

Baseball season can't start quick enough for me.

Circus of Power is back! After a 22 year layoff (sporadic reunion gigs notwithstanding). It's singer Alex Mitchell and some new guys rounding out CoP now. That's ok. The passion for the tunes is what matters most.

Krude Song of the Week:

Circus of Power - Vices

I know some of the things that keep a good man down....

Sing it brother Showbiz Al.



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